Submitting Budgets and Reviewing Reports in EPM

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This QRG will review how to submit budgets and review budget reports in WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).


Submit the Budget

Step 1: To Access the Budget Review and Approvals Dashboard:                                                                                               

  • From the Home Page, click the Budget Review/Approvals cluster.

  • Click the Review and Approvals card 


  • The Budget Review Dashboard is displayed.

  • Budget Review Dashboard is made up of two forms:

    1. A review form of all fund classes on the left

    2. A budget status and approval form on the right



Step 2: To Resize the Forms in the Dashboard:      

  • Drag the divider between the two forms.


Step 3: To Access Additional Dashboard Options: 

  • Hover over each form in the dashboard.

  • Additional options are displayed in the top right corner of the form.



Step 4: Approve and Mark the Budget Complete (Selecting the Budget Status)

Please note that screenshots in this section may look slightly different, however the functionality is the same.

  • Planning users use the Budget Approval form to enter their working budget status. The Budget Office uses the form to review Budget Status.

  • Each Organization in WyoCloud Planning and Budgeting will have a Budget Completion Status. There are 3 Budget Completion Statuses:

    • "Not Started"

    • "In Progress"

    • "Complete"

  • All Organizations will begin at "Not Started". Any time data is entered via a form for a given Organization, the status will automatically change to "In Progress" via the business rule on the form.

  • Once the Budget is complete the Planning users responsible for the given department will go into this form to manually mark the Org's budget as Complete. If the Org goes back in and edits the data via a form the status will flip back to "In Progress”.

  • NOTE: This is a mandatory process. The annual budget cannot be finalized  without each department completing their own budgets.


Setting the Status for all Departments at once:

The Budget Approval form has a feature to allow planning users to mark all level 0 members as complete, at once. Note, the below process works if you are setting the status to “complete”.

  • Change the parent to complete.

  • Click Save on the form (saving the dashboard WILL NOT save the data).

  • An information box will appear and the parent status will turn to ‘‘Green‘‘.

  • Click OK in the information box.

  • Right-click on the parent member.

  • Click Push Status to Depts from the right click menu.

  • The Budget Approval Complete Push window will display.

  • From the Budget Approval Complete Push window, click Launch.

  • A success window will display and all level 0 members will be changed to complete.

  • Click OK from the information window.


Step 5: Accessing and Reviewing Reports

Important Notes:

  • Reports in WyoCloud Planning and Budgeting connect directly to the database and can be downloaded in a variety of formats (Excel, PDF).

  • If the Point of View is set to anything above level 0, then each of the descendants of the member will also display in the report

  • Actuals will be loaded nightly to support variance analysis and forecast. WyoCloud Planning and Budgeting does not support real-time actuals data reporting.

  • The two main purposes of any report created in WyoCloud Planning and Budgeting are to:

    • Assist users in the system in building their budgets and forecasts

    • Help consumer users view budget and forecast development.


Accessing Reporting in WyoCloud Planning and Budgeting

  • From the Home Page, click the Reports cluster.


Access PDF Reports (Default):

  • The Financial Reports screen will display; drill down to Budget Reports

By default, reports open in PDF format. PDFs can be downloaded and printed.

  • The organization can be changed from the Point of View.

  • Reports can also be opened in HTML and Excel formats.

Access HTML  Reports:

  • The HTML report is displayed.

  • Optionally, drill into rows and columns.



Access Excel Reports:

  • The Open File window is displayed.

  • Click OK.

  • The Excel Report downloads to the Browser’s download area.

  • The report opens in Excel.


Step 6: Commonly Used Reports

There are three commonly used reports found in the WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management Reports/Budget Reports Folder:

  1. BOT Budget Review Report

  2. Budget by Fund Class and Fund Sources

  3. Budget to Actual by FC_FS and Program, Activity

1. The BOT Budget Review Report is the Report used to create the final Board of Trustees report and shows the President's Review version of the budget versus the Board of Trustee's version. FY23 is used for this example.

2. The Budget by Fund Class and Fund Source Report shows the organization's current operating budgets with all budgeted classes listed in columns (e.g., Unrestricted Operating - FC 105; Designated Operating - FC 200, Sponsored Projects - FC 400).  FY23 is used for this example.

3. The Budget to Actual by FC_FS and Program, Activity Report shows an Organization's Fiscal Year Budget compared to actual activity for a given period in that fiscal year. The Fund Class and Fund Source are selected, and the period must be filtered to YTD of the current quarter in order to obtain year-to-date data.



This completes the Submitting Budgets and Reviewing Reports QRG.

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