Configure Thunderbird for your UW email

*Please note that Microsoft will soon require an authentication protocol known as, “OAuth2”, for IMAP and SMTP email applications and clients.  These directions and screen shots were created using the latest available build, as of September 2020, for Mozilla Thunderbird, 78.2.1, which supports that authentication.  Please ensure you have updated your application to at least this version.

*Screen shots for Mac and Windows versions differ slightly, but use the same procedure and information.

Launching Thunderbird for the first time:

Click the Email button to begin setting up your UW account.

  • Tip: If your computer has trouble launching the Email setup, try clicking the Help menu -> “Restart with Add-ons disabled.”

Fill in the dialog boxes with your name, UW email address and password. Optionally, select Remember password to allow Thunderbird to cache your password.  Click, Configure Manually.

You will be presented with advanced setup dialog boxes.  Fill in the configuration information as:


Protocol = IMAP

Server =

Port = 993



Protocol = SMTP

Server =

Port = 587


***For now, leave the Authentication selections as, “Autodetect.”  They will be changed at the next step. 

Click the Re-Test button to allow Thunderbird to connect and detect the Microsoft server settings.

After clicking, Re-test, the screen will show the note, “The following settings were found by probing the given server.”

Locate the Authentication pull-down menu(s), OAuth2 should now be available.  Select, OAuth2 for both Incoming and Outgoing authentication options.  Click Done when OAuth2 has been selected.


You will be redirected to the WyoLogin authentication window. Authenticate with your UW account credentials. Your 2-Factor authentication may also be required if you are located off-campus.

Some Macs may be presented with a, “Permissions requested”, window.  Choose Accept.

Thunderbird should now be configured and in a few moments begin synchronizing your e-mail and folders.


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