Configure Linux Computers for your UW email account

Please Note:  The following directions will not work for existing profiles in Evolution. Users will need to create a new profile for their UW email - you cannot make changes an existing profile. 

This guide supplies information on how to properly setup UW email on Linux devices using the Evolution App (One of the few Linux email apps that support the security protocols used by UW/Exchange servers). This guide was made on the Linux distribution Ubuntu, but should be applicable for various distributions of Linux.

From your applications/search menu look for and open the Terminal.

To install Evolution AND Evolution-EWS From the Terminal , type: sudo apt-get install evolution evolution-ews       and hit enter

Next enter your system password and hit Enter again.

The terminal will then ask for permissions to install necessary packages. Type y to continue and then hit enter to approve the install.

In Ubuntu click Activities to search your installed apps (Other distros will have different methods to search apps), then type evolution in the search bar and select the Evolution icon to launch the app.

On the Welcome page, click Next

On the Restore from Backup page click Next.

On the Identity page:

  • Enter in your Full Name
  • In the Email Address field enter in your UW
  • Ensure the Look up mail server box is not selected
  • Click Next

On the Receiving Email page, select Exchange Web Services from the Server Type dropdown option.

Please Note: If Exchange Web Services is not an option, evolution-ews was not installed as described in Step 1 and needs to be installed properly. (This can happen if you only downloaded the app from the package manager).

Next in the Host URL field replace the current information with “”

Then click Check for Supported Types.

This will create a new set of fields:

  • Select the Override Office365 OAuth2 settings box.
  • In the Tenant field enter: f9cdd7ad-825d-4601-8e9c-a325e02d52da
  • In the Application ID field enter: d4a4f586-45cd-42a0-92df-f464f75b24d4
  • In the Redirect URI field enter:

Then click Next.

On the Receiving Options page, change any desired options (Such as a shorter interval for syncing the mail box. Recommended: 1 minute), then click Next.

On the Account Summary page, click Next.

On the final page, click Apply

This should then redirect you to UW's Sign in page. Enter your credentials and click Logon.

Last of all give this app permission to sign you in and access your mailbox by clicking accept.

You should now be set to start using the email client.

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