Configure the iPad Mail App for your UW email account

Your iPad must have a connection to the Internet before proceeding.

1. On your iPad (or iOS device), locate and open Settings



2. Within Settings, you may have to scroll down, locate and select the option for, "Mail".

3. This opens up a series of menus allowing you to configure the behavior of the Mail application.  Locate and select, "Accounts".

note: There will be a number on the Accounts line indicating the number of accounts already configured. Most people will have at least the number 1 showing.

4. In the Accounts page, locate and select the, "Add Account" option.

5. The iPad will present a series of options to select from when adding a new account.  Select, "Microsoft Exchange".


6. Type in your UW email (including then click “Next”


7. Click “Sign In”

(note: Selecting Configure Manually will prompt for your UW account password, and your device may attempt to directly connect with the mail server for authentication, which is not a supported connection as it attempts to bypass security measures Information Technology has implemented to help protect your account).

8. Login as you would normally login to your UW account then press “Logon”.


9. Select on of the 3 options provided, “Not Now” is a good option.


10. Click “Continue”


11. Select what options you want to sync, then click “Save”.

You are now setup to use your UW email with your iPad.  Upon Launching Mail, your UW email will synchronize and display.
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