Configure Mac Mail for your UW email account

* These directions were created using Mac OS Catalina (10.15.x). Macs running other versions may display different screens or information. *

  1. Locate and open Mac Mail.  Mac Mail, by default, is located on the Dock. If Mac Mail has been removed from the Dock, it can be found in your Applications folder.

  1. Upon launching, Mac Mail will either display an already configured email account or will present the new account screen.  If you already have an existing email account configured, select the Mail menu -> Add Account.

Select the option for, Exchange.  Click Continue.


  1. Fill in your name and UW email address. Click Sign In.


  1. Allow Mac Mail to communicate with Microsoft to detect your account. Click Sign In.

  1. Some clients may be presented with the option to use a “Work or School account” or a “Personal account”.  Select the option for Work or School.

  1. Mac Mail should connect with the UW authentication system, Wyo Login.  Enter in your UW credentials. Click Logon.  If you are located off campus you may be presented with the secondary 2-factor authentication.

  1. Accept the security permissions, allowing Mac Mail to have access to account information.

  1. Other Mac applications can also use the account.  If you wish to allow those applications, such as Contacts, Calendars, Reminders… to integrate with your account, select those applications at this time.

Click Done when finished.

Your university e-mail should begin synchronizing and display.  It may take many minutes or even hours to fully synchronize very large mailboxes.

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