Advisee Look Up and Student Profile

This article will explain how to use the student advising portion of banner.

  1. Go to WyoWeb and click Faculty & Staff.  Log into WyoRecords.


  1. You will see Quick Links and a Menu.  Click Advisee Search.


  1. Here you can select the term by clicking the term drop down and either selecting the term or typing it into the search field.

You can search for an advisee by student ID, email, or name. Once you have selected the search terms, click View Profile.


  1. If you want to go back to search, click the Advisee Search link at the top of the screen.

You can also click the View My Advisee Listing link to see a list of your advisees for the term.

  1. This list will show you some information about the advisees.  The lock means their information is confidential.

From this screen, you can click the Email All button to email all your advisees.


  1. Under the settings gear, you can find the option to export the list of advisees as an Excel spreadsheet.


  1. The Filter button will let you sort through your advisee list.  You can configure different settings here, such as students whose primary major is undeclared.  You can click the minus sign next to a filter criteria to remove the filter.  Click Go to run a filter.

The email feature follows filters as well so if you create a filtered list, you could email just the students in that are specified by the filter.

  1. You can click on an advisee's name you will see the student's profile with their name, picture, a note if their information is confidential, major, program, and their email.  Note this view is different than the student view of this page. 
    1. As an advior you'll be able to see different external links on the left.  These will take you to more information about the student you are currently viewing.
    2. The student registration/perc number under the Registration Notices.
    3. In the top left hand side, you can see which term you're viewing information, their current standing, hours and overall GPA.
    4. You can change between seeing Curriculum and Courses and Prior Education on the right hand side of the screen.
      1. The page will default to Curriculum and Courses. This has information about the Primary program, Secondary program, and Hours and GPA as well as any courses they are registered for.
      2. If you switch to Prior Education and Testing, you will see their history outside of the University of Wyoming, including secondary education, prior institutions that they have attended, and any test scores they have submitted.




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