How to install Pulse Secure on Chromebooks (used like Ivanti in other technology)

Pulse Secure allows UW students, staff, and faculty to connect to restricted UW online resources when off campus. Faculty and staff will need Two Factor Authentication.  The program used on other operating systems is Ivanti Secure.

Installing Ivanti Secure (Still Pulse Secure for Chromebook Users)

1. Visit the following link in the Chrome Webstore to download the Pulse Secure client

(Please note that if your chromebook is managed by another organization, the pulse secure client may be unavailable from the store)

2. You may have to scroll down to find the match for Pulse Secure. Once located, click on the box Add to Chrome:

3. The client will be downloaded and installed. Click on Add app when the installer request permission to proceed:

This completes the installation.


Configuring Pulse Secure

1. To configure a connection, click on the corner of the system tray where the time is situated to bring up the menu   then click on the VPN option which shows a status of Off (note – themes, icons and their arrangement may vary from one Chromebook vendor’s model to another):

2. Click on the plus sign to the right of the Pulse Secure entry to add a connection:

3. Give the connection a name, such as WyoSecure, and enter the following for the URL field:

Click on Save.


Using Pulse Secure

1. To use Pulse Secure, first go through the system tray and the VPN option:

then click on the Wyosecure entry:

2. Enter in your username and password and click on Continue:

3. The secondary set of credentials is required by Two Factor Authentication. The username field is carried over from the previous screen. The password field will be something like push, phone, sms, phone2

Click on Continue to complete the connection.

4. The status can be verified by checking from the system tray where it will show On under the VPN option.



1. To disconnect, go through the system tray and the VPN option and click on Disconnect:

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