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How to navigate to the Table of Contents within WyoCloud Reports and Analytics.
How to create IDT Journal Spreadshees.
How to navigate to and run the Transactions by Period report within WyoCloud Reports and Analytics. Tips on prompts and reading the Transactions by Period report.
How to enter an expense report.
Basic Navigation of WyoCloud Business Intelligence Reporting.
How to request a cash advance.
How to return unused funds from a Cash Advance to the University of Wyoming.
Highly encouraged place to test out how things look and work for county managers, families and leaders. Please use your curiosity in the sandbox and not in your county.
How to configure an Android mobile device to Office 365
How to manage vacation rule for approvals delegation.
This document outlines the step
Instructions for connecting an iOS device to the UW wireless network.
The UWSTUDENT Remote Lab System can be accessed at
4HOnline Enrollment Reminders, County Manager Responsibility Checklist, Accepting members including twins, Updating family information and resetting passwords.
How to save frequently used prompts in BI Reporting for faster and more efficent access to important data.
How to use the requisitioning process to order catalog items. Shopping within the marketplace tool and bring a shopping cart back to the requisition then follow the regular process flow for ordering goods.
Handy checklist to cover important steps for the rollover process.
How to create a service contract.
The process of monitoring award/project performance over the life of a grant.
Installation files for the Pulse Secure VPN client
Information on clearing cache in Firefox