Recently Modified Articles

Requisition preferences allow for updating Deliver-to Location, a critical step to ensure proper delivery of goods.
• How to set frequently used chart strings and POET information as favorites in the Requisition Shop.
• Utilizing previously created favorite chart strings and POET information when entering billing information into a requisition.
The procure-to-pay process within WyoCloud. Tracking a transaction from requisition submission through purchase order then payment.
How to use the requisitioning process to order catalog items. Shopping within the marketplace tool and bring a shopping cart back to the requisition then follow the regular process flow for ordering goods.
How to build and use shopping lists to simplify the requisition process for items purchased regularly which are not available in the Procurement Catalogs.
Reassigning all your requisitions to another user to allow for other individual to manage through remainder of procure to pay process. This will only change requistions that are still in an open status.
How to use the requisitioning process to order goods and services not available via the Procurement Catalogs.
How to create a service contract.
How to create a non-PO invoice, validate a non-PO invoice, create accounting and post a non-PO invoice to the General Ledger.
How to process credit memos.
The steps to creating a requisition for benefited staff and administrative hires. These steps will be completed by the Hiring Manager (Supervisor) or Hiring Manager Assistant.
Roster of individuals currently holding the Department Training Coordinator role.
Download, Install, and Activate Mathematica on Faculty and Staff UW-Owned Computers
Download, Install, and Activate Mathematica on Student Personal Computers
Instructions on how to set up, join and manage a Zoom meeting.