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How to use two-factor authentication with the Junos Pulse client.
Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to the log-in process, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised. The University of Wyoming uses Duo to provide two-factor authentication services. The full Duo Guide to Two-Factor Authentication contains updated instructions and can be viewed by visiting
Create a new profile for Outlook to resolve issues
Policy around storage of WyoCast broadcasts
There may be times when a department or individual needs to share their email account so that other individuals can assist in answering email sent to that account, scheduling events in the calendar, or accessing specific contacts saved in that account.
Information on why you can't see your WyoCourse and how to add courses to make them visible
All the information you may want about UW Alert
Install ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 from the UW Network
Transferring files from a Flash Drive to the UW Student Remote Lab System
How to configure an Android mobile device to Office 365
Information on how to recover deleted items in outlook
How to configure Excel to allow the ADFdi add-on to run for work with WyoCloud Financials data
How to backup email locally on your computer.
Describes how to setting up a Konica Minolta copier as a printer in Linux.
What to do if you suspect telephone fraud on campus
Information on how to request transcripts by email
Information on how to request a targeted email announcement
Using a Yubikey to complete authentication.