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The steps to completing various assignment changes on employees within your Area of Responsibility. In WyoCloud many key transactions are classified as assignment changes, including changing working hours, changing managers (supervisors), and adding assignments (i.e.: adding on call or overtime assignment). See step three for a full list of assignment changes available to DHR.
The basic steps needed to make permanent salary changes for employees within your area of responsibility. Salary is an individual’s base pay (not any type of additional or supplemental pay). The primary reasons for you to use the manage salary feature is to initiate a salary increase for a non-benefited employee.
Changing working hours for employees within your line of supervision. Updating working hours adjusts the employee's FTE (Full Time Equivalency).
Correcting the amount for a previously receipted good or service.
Reassigning all your requisitions to another user to allow for other individual to manage through remainder of procure to pay process. This will only change requistions that are still in an open status.
How to request a cash advance, reconcile expenses against a cash advance, withdrawing a cash advance and returning unused funds from a cash advance.
How to process Procurement Card (p-card) transactions.
How to enter an expense report.
Setting up your direct deposit information for reimbursements and cash advances.
How to manage delegates for expense report submission.
How to modify a requisition before or after it has been submitted, prior to approval.
How to receive goods and services.
How to build and use shopping lists to simplify the requisition process for items purchased regularly which are not available in the Procurement Catalogs.
How to use the requisition process to order goods and services not available via the Procurement Catalogs.
How to take Approval Process action on a transaction, including Approve, Reject, Reassign, Request Information, and Adhoc Route.
High level summary of the overall steps an employee must complete for a classified staff evaluation.
High level summary of the overall steps a supervisor must complete for a classified staff evaluation.
How to navigate to and schedule the account analysis report from Scheduled Processes. Formating the report for use using the account analysis pivot macro.
Information about connecting your UW email to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
This guide will cover what to know prior to creating a subaward for a sponsored program and the steps on creating a subaward requisition in WyoCloud.
Information on organizational charts