Windows 10 Upgrade using a USB

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  1. Have client log in to the PC with their UW credentials.
  2. Go to Control Panel>Programs & Features and make note of any special software they may have installed (Adobe CC, Matlab, SAS, etc.)
  3. Go to This PC and make note of any mapped drives and their paths
  4. Go to Printers & Scanners and make note of installed printers/scanners
  5. Go to This PC > C: > Users > <Client’s Username> and selectively backup the following
    1. Desktop
    2. Documents
    3. Favorites
    4. Music
    5. Pictures
    6. Videos
    7. AppData > Roaming > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles
    8. AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > Default > Bookmarks
    9. Alternatively, you can check if client has accounts on Firefox and Chrome, in which case you can turn on syncing before upgrading to Win 10 and not backup the AppData
  6. Insert Win 10 usb and double click on setup.exe
  7. Follow prompts to install Windows 10
    1. Select yes, check for updates
    2. Select “keep everything”
    3. If an error message stating that the AMD Radeon Display Adapter is incompatible with Windows 10, click CONFIRM and continue with the installation.
  8. Stay with the computer until it states that it’s installing Windows 10 (% progress will begin and it will indicate that a restart will occur)
  9. Let client know that it will take 2-3 hours to complete during which time the computer cannot be used or turned off.  Once it’s done, client may log in as usual.
  10. When you return to retrieve the Win 10 usb, verify that all of the client’s apps and settings were unchanged.
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