Use EveryonePrint, the UWStudent Mobile Printing Service, Through an iOS App


The UWStudent Mobile printing service provides users with the ability to print documents on iOS devices using the EveryonePrint iOS App. The Mobile printing service is connected the UWStudent print monitoring solution, so charges to printer as deducted from a student's print balance account.

Note: This service is only available on campus and you must be connected to the UWyo wireless or a hardwired connection.


  1. Installation
    1. Download the EveryonePrint app from the Apple App Store.
      Note: The easiest way to find the app is to search for "everyoneprint."

    2. Launch EveryonePrint from your home screen by tapping the EveryonePrint icon.


    3. Once the app is open, click on the small i and then click on Enter connection details manually.


    4. This will bring you to the Gateway details screen. For Host enter and for Port enter 9444. Click the Test connection and the Use it buttons. 


    5. Press the refresh button at the bottom right of your screen.


    6. You should see the following message:
      The current configured EveryonePrint print behavior requires you to register. Press "i" on this screen and choose "Enter user information" to register at EveryonePrint server.
      If you don't see the message, refresh at the bottom of your screen or exit and re-launch the app.

    7. Click on the "i" again and enter you WyoWeb username and password. Click Register.


  2. Using the App
    1. Open an app that you would like to print from, for example, Dropbox. Click the box with the arrow popping out of the top. Then click Open in Everyone Print.



    2. EveryonePrint will open your printer list. Choose the printer that you would like to print to.

    3. The document should print from the printer that was selected.


      1. You must be connected to the UWyo wireless to access and use EveryonePrint.
      2. Applications like Safari and Mail will not work with EveryonePrint. They require AirPrint to work, which does not integrate with EveryonePrint.
      3. In some Apps, like OneDrive, the export option is three dots.

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