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Print to a Printpress Printer from OS X Via the UW Network


This document describes how to connect a Mac running OS X to a PrintPress printer on the UW network.

Many departmental Konica Minolta units require authentication codes. In order to configure these codes, please download and install the correct drivers for your Mac OS and Konica model. Drivers are specific to the OS version and Konica model. Drivers may be downloaded from Konica's web site: or from their Downloads page here:


  1. Open System Preferences.

  2. Select Print & Scan (or Print & Fax on older OS X versions).

  3. To add a printer, select the plus (+) symbol at the bottom of the list of printers.

  4. If you do not see the Advanced button, right click or Ctrl-click in the grey bar to select Customize Toolbar.

  5. Drag the Advanced button onto the dark grey bar.

  6. Fill out the information as shown below:

    Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    Device: Another Device
    URL: The printer URL you want to print to. You will need to know the exact name of the printer on Printpress. For a list of current printer URLs and locations please see the Printpress Printers page.
    Name: Your preferred name for the printer 
    Location: Your preferred location for the printer
    Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer
    Click the Add button when you are sure everything is correct.

  7. You should now see the printer listed in your Printers list.

  8. You can test your printer by printing a document or web page.

  9. Optionally, if your department uses account tracking you will be required to enter a code to print.This must be completed within a print dialog that  displays the Output Method print option:

    Go into another program, like your browser, and try to print a page. When the print dialog comes up, select your Konica-Minolta and then, if the details are shown, click on the Show Details button.

    When the details are displayed, click on the dropdown box that shows the name of the current program...

    ...and then click on Output Method.

    Check Account Track. In the Account Track dialog, type in your account tracking code in the Password field and check Save Settings and then Ok.

    To avoid having to check Account Track every time you print, you can save all your settings as a preset. Just click on the Presets dropdown box and click on Save Current Settings as Preset... and create a new preset. For all your future printing jobs, just choose that preset and it will automatically use Account Track.

  10. When you try to print, you will be asked to fill in your UW username and password. Be sure to use UWYO\username in the Name box.

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