Changing the way my name displays for my UW email account

You can request that your name be displayed differently in your UW email account; however, only the first and middle names can be changed. Your last name will continue to match what is on your Social Security card.


To request a change to your display name:

Students should print the Name Change Form located at (alternate link). Students can then sign and FAX the form to (307)766-3960, send a letter to the Office of the Registrar including this form, or visit the Office of the Registrar in Knight Hall in person with an ID. The Office of the Registrar will handle any follow-up forms that are necessary.

Staff and faculty can change your the name displayed by doing the following:
* Open WyoWeb:

* Click on the "Employee Self Service" on the right hand side

* Login with you UW credentials (username and password)

* From the home page, select "Main Menu -> Self Service -> Personal Information -> Preferred Name Change" from the menu at the top left of the page

* Enter in your new preferred name information into the form that appears and click on the Save button

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