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What happens to my UW account and email when I leave employment of the University?


If you are not an enrolled student in the Fall or Spring semester, and not employed by the University, your accounts will be disabled and deleted. Accounts are disabled beginning after drop/add ends in the Fall and Spring. Notifications are sent out over a one month time frame, and accounts are then deleted in October and March.


Payroll enters your last date worked into PeopleSoft when they process your termination paperwork. It is important to understand that “last date worked” means the last day that you are physically at work, and does not include any vacation that is used after the last date worked through the end of your employment. On your last day worked an email will be sent to your University email account. This email will describe the Automated Account Deletion process and any action that will take place. Possible actions are:

  1. If you are also a student and continue to maintain enrollment after leaving employment at UW, you will continue to have access to UW computing resources, including email, for academic purposes during your academic career.
  2. If you are an alumnus of the University but not currently enrolled as a student, you will have limited access to WyoWeb functionality. However, your email account will no longer be available, including through WyoWeb or
  3. If you are not affiliated with the University as outlined above, your account will be deleted.


Twenty-four hours after the email is sent to your University account, your account will be disabled. During this disable period a back up will be taken. Twenty-four hours after your account has been disabled, your account will be deleted. Prior to last date worked, business related email and data (on Warehouse and/or Frontier) should be made available to the appropriate responsible party within your department. It is recommended that any personal information such as email and personal files be archived and stored on personal external storage devices prior to the last date worked.

Before your account is deleted, you or your department may request a review of the process by contacting Information Technology's Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1.

In unusual circumstances you or your department may request to have your account temporarily restored.  Requests can be made to the Vice President of Information Technology.  Requests must be with within 25 days after the account has been deleted. Because restoring email is a time intensive operation, there is a charge for this service. Email and other files cannot be restored after the 25 day period.


  1. Departments can request that your account be converted to a special account while retaining the attributes of the original account.  This may be used when an employee retains a unique relationship with the department or the university. See Types of UW Computer Accounts for information about special accounts.
  2. Board retirees are eligible to retain their UW email account. 
  3. The disabling and deleting of accounts will not happen over a weekend or during a University recognized holiday.
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