Graduate Assistant Hire Process

This guide will cover: 

  • The full hire process for Graduate Assistants.





Graduate Assistant Hires submitted after January 2nd, 2019 must follow the appropriate process:

  • Graduate Assistant Hires CANNOT be submitted with hire dates of January 3rd through January 21st, 2019.  Requisitions submitted with these dates will be rejected.
  • Graduate Assistant Hires MUST be submitted through HCM Recruiting to process the hire AND HRMS to process costing information.  This will be the documented process until the Costing solution goes live, which is scheduled for mid-February.  Requisitions will not be approved until confirmation is made that the hire information has been completed in each system of record.
  • Graduate Assistant Hires MUST be submitted through HCM Recruiting to process the hire AND the UW Payroll GA Costing Module after that process is live. Requisitions will not be approved until confirmation is made that the hire information has been completed in each system of record.


Step One

Navigate to Recruiting using the Navigator bar.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display. Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

  • To do so you go to: Navigator > My Team > Recruiting.


Step Two

  • The Taleo Talent Management page will open.
    • Click on the Recruiting button.

  • The Recruiting page will display.
    • Click on the Create Requisition button.

  • The Create a Requisition popup will appear.
    • Select Graduate Assistant, then click Next.

  • In the next Create a Requisition popup window, click the selector icons to search for and select a template based on the job code that will be posted and the associated department. For Graduate Assistants, one of the following should be selected:
    • 0292: Graduate Teaching Assistant
    • 0291: Graduate Research Assistant
    • 0290: Graduate Administrative Assistant

Note: Instead of clicking the selection icon, you can begin typing the job code or job description, and the job should appear.

  • On the Requisition Template Selector window, search for the one of the Graduate Assistant job codes listed above OR typing in the Requisition Title field. Once the correct job is found, click Select.

  • Repeat the same process to select the appropriate department.
  • The Create a Requisition window will again appear, click Next.

Note: Only one job code can be selected per requisition. The job code selected should be the job code that most of the job responsibilities will fall under. For instance, if the job responsibilities will be split between all 3 job codes, choose the job code that will take up the majority of the GA’s time. There is another field in the Requisition that will specify the breakdown of percentage between all 3 GA job codes.

  • On the next Create a Requisition page the Organization, Primary Location, and Job Field fields will pre-populate based on the department selected.
  •  Click Create.

Step Three

  • The New Requisition page will open.

  • You need to fill in the required information on this page. The required fields that you must fill in are designated with an asterisk (*).

Note: Utilize the Diagnostic Tool on the right side of the page to ensure that all fields required to save, request approval, and post are filled in. Once the Diagnostic Tool is open, the fields that are required for saving, approval, and posting are visible on the right-hand side.

  • In the Structure and Identification section, confirm the information is correct. The information has already been filled out when setting up the requisition (based on the job code). As stated in the note to edit the Organization, Location, or Job Field, click the Edit button in this block.

  • Ensure the Department is correct, and the Requisition Template is updated to reflect the job code you selected.
  • In the Owners sub-section, the note underneath the section header is a guide for whom should be populated for the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Recruiter Assistant, and Hiring Manager Assistant fields

  • In the Identification section, the Position code will be specific for each department. Follow the on-screen instructions to know which GA position code is correct. Click the selector icon to choose from all Positions.

  • In the Item Selector window, click the X next to any of the fields to clear the filters.

  • Enter the appropriate Code and then click Select.

  • In the Process section, the Candidate Selection Workflow will be Graduate Assistant.

  • In the Profile section, update the GA FTE % field to either be 25%, 37.5%, or 50%. (50% = 20 hours). Update the Schedule (Hours per Week) field. Update the Graduate Assistant Name field with the Legal name of the Graduate Assistant. In the Active GA field, indicate if they have an active assignment (Yes) or if they are a new employee and/or do not have an active assignment (No).

  • Note the percentage breakdown between GTA, GRA, and GAA. Ensure the total percentage equals 100%.

  • In the Compensation sub-section, note the Stipend Funding Category. Note: you must select a value in order to submit the requisition for approval.

  • Note the Term(s) for which you are hiring the GA. If you are hiring the GA for the entire Academic Year, select both the appropriate and Fall and Spring semesters. Click the link in the instructions to see the start and end dates for each term. Then fill out the Term Start Date and Term End Date.

  • In the Additional Information section, the external job description should auto-fill. Add additional information as necessary. Note that this information will not be posted but should only be used internally.

  • Click the Apply Model button to include the predefined pre-screening questions. Additional requisitions-specific questions can be added by clicking the Add button and selecting questions from the Library.


Step Four

  • Once you have completed all necessary fields, scroll to the top of the Requisitions and click Save and Close.

  • Click on More Actions and then select Request Approval.

  • For GA Hiring Requisitions, the only approver will be the HR Employment Partner. To initiate approvals add a comment and click Done.

Note: Ad-hoc approvers can be added by clicking Add Approver and searching and selecting the approver.

  • Once the approval request has been sent, notice the status has been updated to Pending.

This concludes the first segment of the Graduate Assistant hire process.  Next the Employment Partner will post the position to the Graduate Assistant specific career site.  The Hiring Manage will receive a direct link to the posting to share with the candidate via email. The candidate MUST use this link to apply for the position prior to the hire being completed.


Step Five

The Graduate Assistant candidate must apply to the job posting using the link provided by the HR Employment Partner prior to this step being completed. 

  • To locate the application, first click on Requisitions from the Taleo Recruiting homepage.

  • This displays all requisitions you currently have access to.  Locate the desired one, the number to the left of the title represents the number of applicants for the position.  Click on this number to open a list of all applicants.

  • Click on the candidate’s name to open their application.

  • Here the candidate’s full application can be reviewed. 
  • While in the desired candidate’s application, click Edit.

  • Scroll down to the Basic Profile section to input stipend and eligibility information. The following fields are required:
    • GA Stipend Amount: Amount in accordance with the GA policy.
    • W Number: This will be entered by the GA when they complete the application, confirm it has been entered correctly including a W at the beginning.  Note: the formatting MUST include a capital W and no space prior to the number (ie: W12345678).
    • Enrollment Term: This is the academic term in which the GA’s enrollment and GPA can be verified against.  It does not necessarily correlate with the GA hire dates.
    • International Employee
    • Hire Term: The term for which the GA is being hired (ie: Academic Year).


Note: GA Stipend Amount, W Number, and Enrollment term MUST be completed in order for the system to confirm with Banner the GA’s academic eligibility.  This is required before the GA can be moved to the next step and the hire completed.


  • Scroll to the top of the GA application and click Save and Close.

  • You’ll then need to change the step/status to GA Pre Screen.
  • Click on More Actions then Change Step/status.

  • Use the New Status drop down to update the status to GA Pre Screen.
  • Click Save and Close.

Prior to continuing on in the process, you must wait for the system to check with Banner on the candidate’s eligibility.  This check is scheduled to run every 4 hours, so this is the maximum amount of time you’ll need to wait prior to returning to the system to check eligibility.

  • Upon returning to the candidate’s application, you can confirm the Banner check is completed by looking again under Basic Profile.
  • If the system has completed the Banner check, Degree Seeking, Degree Level, Hours Enrolled and GPA will be completed.  This information must be present prior to continuing.

Note: It is the Hiring Manager’s responsibility to confirm the candidate’s degree information brought in from Banner is accurate and meets eligibility requirements including being enrolled in at least one class.  If all this is in place, proceed to moving the candidate to the next step. 

  • Then update the candidate’s status by clicking More Actions then Change Step/Status.

  • Use the New Status drop down to update the status to GA Passed Hiring Manager Screen.
  • Click Save and Close.

After changing the step to GA Passed Hiring Manager Screen.  Academic Affairs must review and approve the candidate before any additional action can be taken. After Academic Affairs approves by moving the GA to the status GA Passed Academic Affairs Screen, the Employment Partner will create the offer which is sent to the candidate.  The candidate must electronically accept this offer before the GA can be hired in HCM.

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