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Can I select or change my UW Username and Email address

In most cases, the username that is generated for you will remain the same during your association with the University of Wyoming. Username changes are permitted under the following circumstances only:

1. Legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, or court decision

2. Username changes to protect the identity of people involved in legal actions

3. Unprofessional usernames selected by the user before auto-generation of usernames existed

4. Unprofessional usernames (defined through common knowledge or popular culture) which are automatically generated by the system

It is important to note that in any of the instances listed above, the old username is decommissioned, but the personal information (updated with legal name changes through the appropriate offices) will remain intact. The system will then automatically generate the next username based on the same algorithms used previously. In no instance is a username “chosen” by the individual.



If a student wishes to change their username, the student needs to contact the Office of the Registrar at 307 766 5272 or fill out the Name Change Request form which can be found here:


UW employees may request consideration for a username change by contacting Human Resources at (307) 766-2215, option #1.


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