Listing of Department Training Coordinators

Department Training Coordinators have access to run reports and view training completions on behalf of a department/unit/college/division.  Most coordinators hold a Business Manager (or similar) role.  However, departments can request additional representatives based upon business needs. To request a change or addition of Department Training Coordinator email 

Below is the current listing of Department Training Coordinators within the Employee LearnCenter as of January 30, 2019. 

Last Name First Name Username Department
Connally Abbie ACONNAL2 Campus Recreation
Shaver Alison ALEBEDA Business Services
Larson Amanda MBARRY VP for Research & Economic Development Office
Reddick Angela AREDDICK UW Casper
Allen Bethany BALLEN18 College of Arts & Sciences Deans Office
Sparks Billy BSPARKS Athletics Business Office
Burke Birgit BUREK American Heritage Center
Zuniga Bianca BZUNIGA1 SEO General
Johnson Blake BJOHN130 Provosts Office
Hecker Brandi BHECKER Communication Disorders
Pribyl Carol CPRIBYL Zoology & Physiology
Harris Catherine CJMCCABE College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Deans Office
Moen Catherine CMOEN Distance Education
Gorbett Cathleen CMOODY5 Ellbogen Center for Teaching & Learning
Kelley Cherie CKELLEY8 Ecosystem Science & Management
Millemon Christina CIRION VP Student Affairs Office
Kuzmych Christina CKUZMYCH Wyoming Public Media
Duhon Christopher CDUHON Mathematics & Statistics
Wood Cindy CINDYFAR Engineering & Applied Science Deans Office
Bryant Darcy DEM Business Services
Jolley Dawn DJOLLEY1 VP for Research & Economic Development Office
Allred Debbie HARV Athletics Business Office
Gable Denise DGABLE School of Nursing
Manore Denise DMANORE Business Services
Henn Elizabeth EHENN Petroleum Engineering
Whitt Elizabeth ENGELBRE Transit & Parking Services
Killion Fawn FKILLION General Counsels Office
Miller Jamison JAMIMILL Dining
Schott Jana JMEREDIT Dining
Wittstock Jennifer JWITTSTO English
Heupel Jennifer JLHEUPEL Campus Recreation
Page Jeremy JPAGE Institutional Advancement & UW Foundation
Andrews Jessica JANDRE19 Chemistry
Jensen Jilljean JJENSE49 College of Health Sciences Deans Office
Paintin Jo JOMARIE College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Deans Office
Creamer June CREAM Admissions
Becker Julie JULIEB Auxilliary Services Directors Office
Enyeart Kara KENYEART Wyoming Institute for Disabilities WIND
Berchini Karyn KBERCHEN Department of Molecular Biology
Rhodine Karen KRHODINE College of Business Deans Office
Sprague Kass KASS7 University Public Relations
Zubrod Kathi KLZUBROD Family Medicine Residency Programs Cheyenne
Bergeron Kelly KBERGERO Wyoming Public Media
Colman Kevin DRAGON29 Transit & Parking Services
Howell Kimberly KMANN6 Family Medicine Residency Programs Casper
Montez Kimberly KMONTEZ1 College of Education Deans Office
Messersmith Kimberly KBOIS Haub School of Environment & Natural Resources
Isaak Kristy KISAAK ASUW
Blevins Kristin KBLEVINS Transit & Parking Services
Kempert Laurie KEMPERT College of Health Sciences Deans Office
Mendick Laurie LGARDNER University Libraries Administrative Office
Sanchez Laurie LSANCHEZ College of Arts & Sciences Deans Office
Calhoun Linda LCALHOUN Small Business Development Center
Spriggs Lindsey LSPRIGGS Athletics Business Office
Christensen Margaux MARGAUXC Office of the CIO
Ploucha Marianne MPLOUCHA Family Medicine Residency Programs Cheyenne
Reilly Marisa MREILLY Alumni Relations
Masters Mark MMASTER3 Family Medicine Residency Programs Casper
Aguayo Mary MARYA Provosts Office
Garman Mary MAG Institutional Advancement & UW Foundation
Whisenant Matthew MWHISE Intercollegiate Athletics Directors Office
Barber Megan MBARBER Engineering & Applied Science Deans Office
Monahan Meghan MEGGIE Engineering & Applied Science Deans Office
Lorenz Michelle MICHELLE Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center
Eaton Misty MEATON University Store
Tugwell-Brown Natalia NTUGWELL WWAMI Medical Education Program
Lawrence Nicole NLAWREN2 Atmospheric Science
Courtney Nycole NF Dean of Students Office
Kunkel Paul PKUNKEL Transit & Parking Services
Wille Phillip PWILLE Intercollegiate Athletics Directors Office
Hulet Rachael RVOLSEY1 Athletics Business Office
Ferrell Rachel RFERREL1 School of Energy Resources Directors Office
Garcia Rebecca RSCARCI Music
Davis Rhetha RDAVIS28 Office of the CIO
Bennett Robbie ROBBEN Student Health Services
Roller Sandra SROLLER Provosts Office
Bury Shauna SHAUNA College of Law Deans Office
Ellis Susan SELLIS20 University Store
Mack Tammy WESTMACK Geology & Geophysics
Takaki YeonShim YTAKAKI Wyoming Coop Unit


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