Entering Forecast & Navigating to Unsuppressed Forecast Form

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This guide will cover:

  • How to access and enter data into the forecast input form.
  • Howe to access the unsuppressed form from within forecast input


Accessing and Inputting Forecast:

  • From the Planning and Budgeting homepage, select the Forecast cluster, then Forecast Review and Input card.

  • This will enter the Forecast Review Form.

  • To enter data, right click on the desired account.

  • Select Open Forecast Detail.  This opens a suppressed form for data entry.

On this form, the following columns display:

  • OEP_Actual Actual: total actuals uploaded to date
  • OEP_Plan Plan: budgeted amount for the year
  • OEP_Forecast: Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4: each contain either the actuals for that quarter (if the quarter has been closed) or white cells in which a forecast can be entered.
  • OEP_Forecast: YearTotal: the total of all 4 quarters (both those containing actuals and forecast
  • OEP_Plan vs Forecast: YearTotal: difference between total budgeted amount and forecast year total columns

  • Accounts which either were budgeted and/or have actuals posted to it will display in this form.  To access additional accounts for forecast entry, the unsuppressed form must be opened.
  • Unsuppressed forms are opened for a specific Activity by right clicking on the desired activity.

  • Click on Open Activity Detail.

  • Click the + button to expand a specific Revenue and Expense category.

  • This expands to the level-0 account level where you are able to enter data into the white cells.

  • You may select additional FC_FS, Programs, and Activities using the Point of View at the top of the form.

  • Navigate back to the suppressed form using the breadcrumb links above the Point of View.


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