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Animal Entry


1. Log into 4-H Online at

2. Once logged in you will be taken to the "Member List" which includes all of your family members enrolled in 4-H (youth members or adult volunteers). Click on the "Edit" to the right of the member listed to go to that member's personal information screen.

3. Locate and click on "Animals/Livestock"

4. You will see a dropdown list. Any previously entered animals will appear listed similar to the example. 

5. Select the animal type that you want to enter and click "Add Animal"

6. This will take you to the corresponding entry screen for your animal. Some species require additional information or additional entry fields will be activated. 

NOTE: This list will populate with more options that what the member MAY or MAY NOT be enrolled in. Click on Enrollment and Participation to verify what animal(s) that need to be added. 

7. Enter in the information requested and click the save button for each animal entered. In this example we would enter the pertinent information for the cat and click save. 



Market animal projects require some additional information. You will enter in the pertinent information and you will need to upload photographs.


1. Enter in your animal information (similar steps as above).

2. Click "Select" on the view you want to add a picture of. 

3. A pop-up window will appear, find the name (upload .jpg or .jpeg only) and click "Open".

4. Repeat steps so all views of the animal are uploaded. 



1. Click "Select" to upload any form - in this example the COOL form - locate the file, upload and click "Open".

2. The form should be printed off and filled completely (please print legibly) with all required signatures; scanned and saved as a .pdf file. 





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