Frequently Asked Questions - Expenses

Q: Why do my comments and history disappear on expense reports depending on whose computer I use to access the information? Also, why can’t I always see the comments if an expense report was rejected?

A: We are working with Oracle to address this system issue. 


Q: How am I able to toggle through individual expense items in an expense report as I am approving it?

A: There is a button located to the top left corner of your screen.  Please know when using this button, items do not que up in order. 


Q: When I receive and expense report to approve, it is sometimes blank. Why is this?

A: When an user submits and expense report with transactions that are charged to the user’s department as well as other departments (based on organization), the system has a bug where the users cost center approver receives a blank expense report approval email.  We have asked Oracle to resolve this issue. In the interim, please contact an Executive Business Analyst, who can show you the full details of the expense report and then remove your approval from the workflow.   Please know we are working to resolve this issue. 


Q: Can we receive a notification that lets us know when a payment is made or someone has been reimbursed?

A: At this time, such a notification is not available from Oracle. However, we have made note of this request to see if it is an enhancement that may be available later form Oracle.  We are also reviewing to see if we could build a transactional report in the system that would show you this information. 


Q: When someone is an approver twice in the system (i.e. when a department head needs to approve it in a role of Cost Center Approver as well as in a role of PI), they approve it once but do not get a notification to approve it a second time.

A: We are working to better understand how notifications work in the system, and to resovle these issues. We have opened an SR with Oracle related to notifications.    


Q: When working off campus, I am having trouble approving items from the email approval. 

A: When approving from the email notification, some users are encountering issues if they have an alias email account (i.e.  For users with an alias email, it is recommended that they approve items by logging into WyoCloud and approving using their worklist and notifications in the bell icon. 


Q: Can we fix the ad hoc approver feature?  We want to see two levels of approval for grant expenditures as a measure of internal control.  We assumed the ad hoc function would allow us to do this, but it has not worked. We were told not to use it. 

A: We are working to address this issue. 


Q: When employees are terminated and they have delegates, the employees are not being removed, and they still have access to the system. 

A: We are aware of this issue, and we are working to address this issue. 


Q: Cost Center Approvers should not be able to approve their own chargers—we should change this.  

A: Cost Center Approvers cannot submit and approve own expense report.  If a Cost Center Approver does submit an expense report, it routes to their supervisor for approval.  However, if a cost center approver has a delegate and the delegate enters the expense report, then the report will route to the Cost Center Approver, which is considered acceptable as another has entered the report.  If a cost center approver submits a requisition, there is a least always one other person that approves the requisition. This person (such as a buyer) will vary depending on if the requisition is for a good or service and what is being purchased.   


Q: When I am viewing an expense report, is there a way to view the funding information (account string) on each expense item line? 

A: In order to view this information, highlight the line you want to view the account string.  Then, under “Expense Items,” click on the small black arrow next to the “Apply Account” tab and the account string will appear. 

Q: If a faculty or staff member travels and they bring back their receipts from their travel and give to an assistant, business manager or accountant, will the this staff member be able to upload the receipts and complete the expense report?

A: Any faculty or staff member has the ability to assign one or more delegates. This delegate access allows designated users to enter expense items on behalf of another user. The initial staff member still maintains the ability to add items to WyoCloud using a smartphone, tablet, or by going online. They could even snap photos of the receipts and upload them from the road, where they would sit in a “holding queue” for processing at a later time. If they choose, they could bring all documentation back to campus and pass them along to a delegate to handle that step.  When a delegate completes the expense report on behalf of another faculty or staff member, the initial faculty or staff member will receive an alert prompting them to approve this submission within WyoCloud.  See Manage Delegates Quick Reference Guide for more details.


Q: What if an employee wishes to complete their own expense reporting instead of delegating to the department business manager/accountant, will they need to know the full numerical chart string?

A:The main budget items will be defaulted in the expense module, based on the employee’s HR department (org/cost center), and the specific expense types are selected via a drop-down. The users will not need to know the account codes for each expense since they will simply choose from a list of items. For example, there is a selection for domestic airfare, lodging, etc., that will automatically select the appropriate natural account code. It is recommended to still have a department business manager/accountant assigned as a delegate so they may review account information prior to submission. 


Q: If I understood correctly, personal meals while traveling will now only be reimbursed by per diem, but if someone is hosting a donor/speaker/interview candidate, I assume actual receipts will be accepted for reimbursement? Please clarify this.

A: This is correct, and in hosting situations, employees will still need to provide both an itemized receipt, as well as a list of attendeesBoth of these items will be uploaded as attachments into WyoCloud.


Q: I've heard about a mobile expense app available for WyoCloud, how do I access it?

A: We are excited to roll out the mobile expense application.  At this time we are working with Oracle to ensure the app is the best that it can be and functioning properly prior to rolling out.  Keep an eye out for an announcement when it is up and running along with directions on how to download and access WyoCloud using it. In the meantime, the desktop version of WyoCloud is accessible from the web browser on many devices (Firefox preferred).


Q: If something is not allowable, will Accounts Payable notify the traveler, or if changes are made to an expense report prior to releasing payment, will a notification be sent?

A: AP Auditors will have the ability to make necessary adjustments if there is a policy violation. The employee and/or the accounting associate should be notified when these changes need to be made by rejecting the report within WyoCloud.  The employee will receive an alert both via email and within WyoCloud including an explanation.


Q: Will we keep the same expense account coding or will it change? Will people be able to see these only when they do an expense, or will there be a list provided to accountants before Go-Live?

A: The expense account numbers have changed in WyoCloud. Please see the WyoCloud website for updated documentation.  


Q:  Once a receipt has been uploaded into the system, is there a need to keep the physical receipt?

A: No, there is no need to keep the physical receipt once it has been uploaded into the system.


Q: Will it always say cash next to the expense items in the top left menu box?

A: Yes, it will always say “Cash” next to the expense items that you create as they are not p-card transactions and they have not been added to an expense report. They will appear as card charges as in the example below if the expense item was fed to your expense module from your p-card as shown in the example below.

Q: How will p-card transactions be reconciled through expense reports?

A: P-card transactions are reconciled through the expense module, just like items paid on a personal credit card. The expense items are imported daily from the bank and appear as “Card Charges.” Those items are added to expense reports, and processed along with personal reimbursements. The system will know these transactions are tied to the p-card, and will only reimburse the employee for personal “Cash” items.


Q: What are all of the templates in the expense report?

A: There is only one template in the expense module, and all expense items are included under the single template.


Q: If we buy dinner for 300 people, do we have to list out all of their names with the new meal template in the expense report? Can we add an attachment with the roster and write see attached?

A: If processing through the expense module, the list of attendees would be included in the description field of the expense report, or can be attached along with the receipts. The appropriate expense item to use if you are providing food for a large group of people would be hosting. If paying on a requisition, the list of attendees should be included with the invoice when submitting to Accounts Payable to enter and process the payment.


Q: If you submit an incorrect expense report charge, can the system take the money out of your account if you have direct deposit setup?

A: No, the system cannot take money out of your bank account. If this incorrect expense is not caught by the department accountant, business manager, expense auditor or any of the other approvers before it is created as an invoice and paid by AP, then you will need to reimburse the University for that amount by check.


Q: Can the Department Chair see a report of all expenses in their area? Can the VP? What access will these users have?

A: Through system reporting, these users should have access to this type of report.


Q: How do you split an expense item between multiple grants or accounts?

A: In the expense module, there is an expense item called “split funding.” Once a user selects this item and enters the dollar amount in the field, they can click the box marked “itemize.” Within that itemization, they can click the plus sign to add additional lines, and each line can use its own funding source.


Q: What if an expense should be charged to a grant but I forgot, how do I reconcile this error after it has been paid?

A: You will fill out the expenditure correction web form and accounting will enter an A&E for the transfer.  


Q:  With travel, since it is an after the fact reimbursement, if the person submitting the travel is submitting expense when will the notification go if you are overspending or the line item for travel is not an item?

A: The Expense module will NOT give budget checks up front but when it flows to accounts payable it will be checked and if there is not adequate budget in your fund source/org, the transaction will be returned.


Q:  Can we delegate if someone is on vacation?

A: Yes - can delegate for the time period you set if you are gone. For details, see the Manage Delegates and Vacation Rule for Approvals Delegation Quick Reference Guides.


Q:  What is allowed with missing receipt?

A: In the system when you submit an expense report without the required receipt, there is a missing receipt box that must be checked.  Once the box is checked, you will receive a warning and be prompted to provide an explanation. 


Q:  For hotel and lodging, there are extra charges if they put food on the hotel or Wi-Fi, do we have to break this down with account codes?

A: Use the same receipt but select “Split Funding” as the expense category. This allows you to select the appropriate categories on the same receipt and expense item. With WyoCloud, we want to know what we are spending money on, to better manage our expenses.  


Q:  Is there an option to upload a conference agenda to review what meals are provided?

A: Yes, attach the conference agenda like a receipt.


Q: Is there still the 60 day policy for reimbursement?

A: Yes, the policy on timely expense reimbursement requests is not changing, but the process to submit is more streamlined.


Q: Are we cutting checks more often?

A: Accounts Payable will continue to process checks on a daily basis.  


Q: What if I am inputting info for several people in my department, is there capability that I can do this still?

A: Multiple employees can give delegation access to a single employee within the expense module. These delegations are not time specific and remain in place until the employee removes the access.


Q: What if you don’t have a smart phone for the Expense app?

A: There is no requirement to use the mobile application for expenses. It is simply a tool available if the employee chooses to use it. All receipts can be saved and scanned once the employee is back in the office.


Q: If I lose my phone after scanning receipts into the WyoCloud mobile app, do the receipts remain saved?

A: Yes, once the receipt is uploaded, it is saved within the WyoCloud system and your phone is not needed for further access.


Q:  Even if I’m taking a photo of my receipt and attaching it, do I need to keep the actual receipt for auditing purposes?

A: Saving the receipt is not necessary as long as the image is clear and the auditor is able to read it. Make sure to review the picture once you take it, and if it is clean and readable, there’s no need to save the paper copy of the receipt.


Q:  If I already have direct deposit setup for my paychecks, is the information for my bank going to be in WyoCloud to have my expense reimbursement direct deposited?

A: Bank accounts for expense reimbursement are not tied to the employee’s payroll account, and it is necessary to enter the account information again within the expense module.  See Direct Deposit Set Up Quick Reference Guide.


Q:  For people who don’t speak accountant and know the chart of accounts, is there a translation of account numbers in the system?

A: The system has default values for the account string based on your unit at the University. There are also descriptions of the account strings if you click to change the default. You can also designate your department accountant as a delegate to review your chart string information after you have completely filled out the expense report.


Q:  Since there are now mobile approvals, if the approver can check multiple times a day when not at work, will they be compensated for that time wise?

A: If you are not in the office and on paid time off, it is best practice to delegate your approvals. Mobile approvals are available as an option, but if you are not working, you are not expected to be approving transactions.  See Manage Vacation Rules for Approvals Delegation Quick Reference Guide.


Q:  With the Expense app capabilities, will there be more mobile communication device reimbursement?

A: Since the app is for convenience and not the only way to upload receipts, this will be a conversation for employees to have with their supervisor.


Q: Is the University or Oracle liable if something were to happen to our bank information?

A: The bank information you enter for direct deposit is encrypted just like it is today when stored in HRMS. Oracle was chosen in part for their security and they have a robust defense in place to keep your information safe.

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