Non-PO Invoice Guidelines

The non-PO Invoice process is not a substitute for the requisition process. Purchases that qualify for payment through this process are strictly limited to the items listed below.  All other purchases must be processed through a requisition.  Non-PO invoices are entered directly into the WyoCloud system and are electronically routed for approvals.

  • Registrations
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Utilities (including telephone and internet connection charges)
  • Postage and frieght (outgoing freight must go through Shipping and Receiving)
  • Refunds (Cheyenne/Casper medical facilities, Sponsored Programs Customers, key refunds from Cashiers, etc.)
  • Financial Aid (with proper approval from Student Financial Aid Office)
  • Permits and filing fees
  • Inventory items for resale
  • Non-employee travel reimbursement (If any goods or services are involved, those items must use the requisition process) 

For directions on how to create a non-PO invoice, please see the Process Non-PO Invoice Quick Reference Guide.

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