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Validate Invoice for Payment

This guide will cover:

  • Validating an invoice for payment.
  • This process will be completed by Accounts Payable Office and Department Accountants.

Step One

  • From the WyoCloud Financial Management home page go to Navigator > Payables > Invoices.

Step Two

Navigate to the Manage Invoices page, search for your specific Invoice and open the Invoice Details page.

  • On the Invoices page, click on Task List > Invoices > Manage Invoices.

  • On the Manage Invoices page, enter at least one of the following search criteria and click Search:
    • Invoice Number – Enter the generated Invoice number.
    • Invoice Date – Type in the invoice date in MM/DD/YY format, or click the Calendar icon to select a date from the pop-up calendar. 
    • Supplier or Party - Enter the supplier or party. You may also Search for the applicable supplier or party.
    • Supplier Number – Enter the supplier number.

  • In the Search: Invoice results section, click on the Invoice Number to review.

Step Three

Once you’ve reviewed the Invoice details, initiate the first validation of the invoice.

  • On the Invoice Details page, click on the Invoice Actions drop-down and click Validate.

  • Verify that the Validation Status in the Invoice Summary is Validated. If the status is not Validated, continue to Step Four.

Step Four

Review system holds, make the necessary corrections, and re-validate the invoice.

  • In the Invoice Summary section, resolve the holds with warning signs () by clicking the number next to it.

On the Manage Holds page, review the reason for the hold(s). Alternatively, click Detach for a pop-up with the full text of the Reason.

  • Once the necessary corrections to remove the hold(s) have been made, click the Invoice Actions drop-down and click Validate to re-validate the invoice.

You have now completed the steps of Validate Invoice for Payment.


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