Install SPSS 24 for OS X (Mac) from the UW Network


  • Functional knowledge and use of this application are the responsibility of the user.
  • Uninstall any existing SPSS version before proceeding.
  • These instructions apply to both the 32 and 64-bit versions of SPSS 24 for Mac; the 64-bit version can only be used on 64 bit Mac systems.
  • The instructions below are for the 64-bit version.
  • Intel Processor-based Mac (32 or 64-bit) with at least 4Gigs of RAM and 2Gig of available hard drive space.
  • A connection to the internet is required for activation.
  • IBM has not yet announced SPSS support El Captain (OS X 10.11). Though it seems to function as expected.


Information Technology provides SPSS for a yearly fee of $215 on UW-owned computers for academic teaching and research use only. There is no requirement for the computer to be connected to the network for the software to run, however, if an individual wants to install SPSS from the network, it will need to be connected during the installation. To install SPSS from the UW network, a request for access must be submitted to IT. There are three ways to do this.

  1. Online
    1. In your browser, go to the UWIT Service Center page at
    2. Click, "I want to request SPSS software"
    3. and click the Request Software button. Enter your UW username info to get to the order form.
  2. You may also email the UWIT Service Center at
  3. or call at 766-4357 option 1 during business hours.


You will need to be connected to the UWyo Wi-Fi, cabled network or the Pulse Secure VPN available at You will also need to have administrative access to the Mac.

  1. Open Finder (Macs file browser).
  2. In the menu bar at the top of your screen click "Go"
  3. From the drop-down menu select "Connect To Server..."
  4. Enter "smb://warehouse/spss24/Mac" without the quote marks.
  5. Click the "Connect" button

The connection may take a moment to establish, please be patient.


Once connected you Mac will open a window containing the installation files for SPSS24. There are a few files available depending on your needs. The most commonly used file and therefore the one described in this tutorial is SPSS_Statistics_24_Mac.dmg. Please only open this file, the install processes for the other files, while not entirely different, do presume a degree of technical savvy and that you will have unique requirements for the installation.

Step 1

Double click on SPSS_Statistics_24_Mac.dmg to launch the installer.

Step 2

In the window that appears double click the icon to begin the installation.

Step 3

When prompted, enter your Mac password and click “OK”.

Note: The Mac password and your UWyo password may not be the same.

Step 4

Choose your desired language and click “OK”.

The installer may take a few moments to load, please wait.

Step 5

Please take a moment to read the SPSS 24 for Mac Installation Introduction.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 6

Please take a moment to read the SPSS 24 for Mac Software License Agreement.

When done, check “I accept the terms in the license agreement” to enable the Next button.

Click “Next” to continue. 

Step 7

Unless otherwise required by software unique to your installation, choose “YES” to install Essentials for Python.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 8

Please take a moment to read the Python Essentials Software License Agreement.

When done, check “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” to enable the Next button.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 9

Please take a moment to read the SPSS 24 Software License Agreement.

When done, check “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” to enable the Next button.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 10

Optionally, you may choose to change the destination of the SPSS installation.

The default installation location is recommended for most users.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 11

Confirm that the information presented by the Pre-Installation Summary appears correct, then click “Install” to begin the installation of SPSS 24.

Please note that the installation process, pictured at left, may take several minutes to complete based on your computer’s performance.

Step 12

Please check the “Start IBM SPSS Statistics 24 Now” box.

Click “Done” to continue.



Step 1

To activate, or re-activate, SPSS 24 open the SPSS Statistics License Authorization found in the Applications > IBM > SPSS > Statistics > 24 folder.

Click “Next” to continue

Step 2

Enter the Activation Code you received from IT Software Sales. It should be in an email from IT.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step 3

Following the successful activation of SPSS Statistics 24 Licensing click “Next” to continue and complete the activation process.

Step 4

Click “Finish” to close the SPSS 24 Licensing wizard.

Following the completion of activation, your default web browser may open and give you the opportunity to register SPSS 24 for Mac. If you wish to register your installation of SPSS 24 for Mac please fill out the web form as prompted.Thank You For Using SPSS 24!

You can now safely eject the SPSS 24 for Mac volume and then eject the USB drive and return it to UW Information Technology. 

If you have any additional questions or a portion of this process did not work as expected please contact the UWIT Help Desk either online at or by phone at 307-766-4357.


Trouble Shooting

A Brief Note About Troubleshooting The Activation Wizard

If you are using OS X El Captain (10.11) or later you may receive an error from the Licensing Wizard about needing administrator privileges to run the setup. Please make sure you are an admin on the Mac.

If you’re sure you have administrative privileges and the problem persists IBM suggests entering the following command into Terminal.

If you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the OS X terminal please call the UWIT Service Center for help (766-4357)

Open Applications > Utilities > Enter the following line and press enter.

    sudo chown -R root:admin /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/24/

Enter your password.  Note: no text, dots or indicators will appear but you are entering your password!

Press “Enter” to continue. Once the command has run you will see a blinking curser. It is now safe to close terminal and re-attempt the licensing wizard process.

Once complete, please resume the activation at Step 1


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