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Voicemail PIN reset instructions

1. Once Logged in, click on the pinwheel/gear in the 

Once logged in, click on Email and enter your username and password if it prompts you to do so.

: WyoWebBefore we begin, log into outlook via
top right hand corner.

2.Click on Mail under My app settings

3.Click on General on the left-hand side of the screen and then click on Reset PIN under Voicemail.

4. Click Reset my voice mail PIN.

5.Click Yes

6. A notification will appear in the right-hand corner saying your PIN has been reset.

7.You will then receive an email from Microsoft Outlook.

8.You will then be able to call 61011 and enter the temporary PIN. It will say the PIN has expired, but that is because you just used. Be sure to stay on the line as it will then prompt you to enter the new PIN you would like. Once you have entered the PIN it will give you an options menu to change the recording, out of office greeting, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Teldesk at 766-4357 Option 2 or
You can also submit a ticket by following the link and click on Request Help:
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