Install SPSS 24 for Windows from the UW Network


NOTE: Functional knowledge and use of this application is the responsibility of the user. Uninstall any existing  SPSS version before proceeding. Recommended requirements for 32 bit SPSS are 4 gb of memory, 8gb of memory for 64 bit, 1.1 gb of hard drive space, and internet access for activation.

NOTE: These instructions apply to both the 32 and 64 bit versions of SPSS 24 for Windows; the 64 bit version can only be used on 64 bit Windows systems. The instructions below are for the 64 bit version.


Information Technology provides SPSS for a yearly fee of $215 on UW owned computers for academic teaching and research use only. There is no requirement for the computer to be connected to the network for the software to run, however if an individual wants to install SPSS from the network, it will need to be connected during the installation. To install SPSS from the UW network, a request for access must be submitted to IT. There are three ways to do this.

In your browser, go to the UWIT Service Center page at

I want to request SPSS software

and click the Request Software button. Enter your UW username info to get to the order form.

You may also email the UWIT Service Center at
or call at 766-4357 option 1 during business hours.



  1. Accessing the Network Installation Point for SPSS 24
    NOTE: You must be an administrator of the computer to complete this installation.
  1. Logon with your UWYO domain account.
  2. Click the Start menu button, and click in the Search box.
  3. Enter in

\\\spss24$\Windows\SPSS_Statistics_24_win64.exe for 64 bit Windows

and click OK. Make sure that you have typed the correct slashes (i.e. \ and not /). This example is for the 64 bit version.



2. Installing SPSS 24

A. Click Next in the introductory dialog boxes.


B. In the initial Software License Agreement dialog box, read through the information provided, and click on “I accept the terms…” and then click on Next.


C. Select either Yes or No for the option to install Essentials for Python components and then click on Next. Note: If you are not sure if Python is installed, or do not have it, click Yes- SPSS needs Python in order to work.




D. Select either Accept or Do Not Accept for the Python license agreement and click on Next.


E. Select either Accept or Do Not Accept on the next license agreement and click on Next.






F. In the Destination Folder dialog box, click Next.


G. In the Ready to Install the Program dialog box, click Install.


H. Files install at this point.


I. Make sure the box Start IBM SPSS Statistics 24 now is checked and click on Finish; licensing can be initiated when SPSS 24 starts for the first time.




3. Licensing SPSS 24

A. Select License Product to start the License Authorization Wizard  (this will require an Internet connection):


B. SPSS 24 will report that there are no licenses found; click on Next.


C. Make sure Authorized user license is selected and click on Next.




D. When you submitted a request to IT for SPSS software, a license code should have been emailed to you with the confimation. Enter it in carefully and double check; then click Next.







E. A window of the progress of the licensing authorization follows; click on Next when done:





6. At the final Licensing Completed window click on Finish.




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