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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a tool for central management and distribution of critical Windows and Office patches as well as updates. Patches and updates will be provided for Microsoft Windows Vista and higher operating systems and Microsoft Office.

Articles (17)

Accessing Windows Update

Information on being able to access Windows Update website

Automatic Updates/WSUS Reboot Computer

Information on how automatic updates / Windows Server Update Services decide to reboot a computer

Determining what Domain your computer is on

Information on finding out if your computer is on the domain

Forced to Reboot

Information on if you don't do anything, if your computer will be forced to reboot

Forget to Restart?

Information on what happens if you choose not to reboot your computer right away but then forget to do it later

How WSUS works

Information on how Windows Server Update Service works

Minimum System Requirements to Participate in WSUS

Information on the minimum system requirements to participate in Windows Server Update Services

Operating Systems Supported for WSUS

Information on operating systems supported for Windows Server Update Service

Opt-out your UW computer in or out of WSUS

Information what you need to do to opt your domain computer out of Windows Server Update Services

Receiving updates if not on Domain

Information on if you have a UW account but your computer is not on the domain and receiving updates through Windows Server Update Service

Server Particapation in WSUS

Information on having your server participate in Windows Server Update Service

Types of Updates from WSUS

Information on the types of updates that Windows Server Update Service distributes

Using UW Network, will my home computer receive updates from WSUS?

Information about Windows Server Update System and using the UW Network from home

WSUS and having a computer off

Information about Windows Server Update Service and what actions should be taken after your computer has been off for a long time

WSUS Updates

Information on when Windows Server Update Services update

WSUS work exclusively through Wireless Network

Information on Windows Server Update Services while connecting exclusively through UW Wireless Network

WSUS working smoothly

Information on how to allow Windows Server Update Service to work smoothly