Request a Yubikey for Two-Factor Authentication


Information Technology supports the use of the YubiKey 4 FOB in conjunction with Two-Factor Authentication. The use of this device is an alternative to receiving a passcode on your cell phone, your office phone, or using the Duo app to push a confirmation to your smart phone.  YubiKey 4 is a small USB device supporting multiple authentication and cryptographic protocols. YubiKey 4 works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux operating systems; and on major browsers.

Some countries may ban the use or entry of YubiKeys. It is the responsibility of the user to check local restrictions before traveling outside of the United States.


Available to:

University employees and departments may purchase a Yubikey4 through IT by placing an order through IT’s online ordering page.  The purchase can be completed using a UW p-card or a personal credit card. IT will configure the Yubikey for a specific user’s account.

The Yubikey assigned to you is strictly for your own use. It is your obligation to report missing YubiKeys immediately to the UW IT Help Desk so the device can be disabled.

FOBs are non-returnable and non-refundable. If a department purchases an FOB and would like to transfer its use to another employee, the device can be brought to Information Technology to be re-configured for that employee. A FOB can only be assigned to a single individual at a time.



To order a YubiKey4 FOB, click on Request YubiKey from this page. Enter your UWYO username and password.

Change the Search by clicking on the first box’s down arrow and selecting Two Factor FOBs.

To purchase a departmental or employee FOB using a UW pcard, make sure the second box has the Media purchased by pcard selected.  Click on YubiKey 4 2-factor authentication FOB – Dept. Review your order and then click on Begin Checkout >. Complete the order process.

To make a personal purchase as a UW employee using a personal credit card, change the second box’s selection by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting Media purchased by personal credit card. Personal purchases will incur a 6% sales tax upon checkout. Review your order and then click on Begin Checkout >. Complete the order process.

Once the order has been processed and paid, IT will configure the device and you will be notified when it is ready for use.



Current prices will be reflected in the order system. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

If you purchase a Yubikey from a reseller other than Information Technology and need to have IT configure it for use with IT systems and your account, there will be a $5.20 per device charge.

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