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How to use the web based time clock to clock in and out.
Creating a time card and entering on-call time into the card in HCM. Many of the steps in this guide remain the same as general time entry in HCM. Step three specifically outlines features unique to On-Call.
Entering time on the Time Card.
Approval process for time card approvals. How to know which time entry to approve for an employee with multiple assignments.
TimeClock Plus Install directions
The TimeClock Plus v7 mobile app is available to aide in viewing schedules and previously worked hours when away from work.
This guide outlines how to view your schedule from the employee dashboard as well as how to complete swaps and drops of shifts.
Clocking In/Out and Approving time from the time clock
This guide outlines the steps supervisors take to approve employee’s time as well as making adjustments to time due to missed punches.
Reviewing and approving your time clocked via the web dashboard.
Information on how long after I click on the "OneDrive for Business" link on my account, how long does it take before I can begin using it?
Information on adjusting the time and load of index for your non-central site
Information on why you have to reset the time and date on my Maestro telephone every morning
Information about how long archives are available