Payroll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The following are a list of some of the most frequently asked questions relating to time and/or absence entry as well as payroll (payslips, direct deposit, etc.).  If you still have questions please submit a ticket at 


Why does “BMO Bank N.A.” appear under Bank Name on my payslip?

The University of Wyoming’s bank for payroll is Bank of the West, this is why it appears on all payslips.  It does not denote the bank in which the pay was deposited.


Why don’t I see the Pay or Time and Absences options upon logging into WyoCloud?

Completion of all assigned WyoCloud access training in the Employee LearnCenter under My Learning Plans is required before obtaining access to these as well as other features within WyoCloud.  If you have not completed the additional time/absences training launched in March 2019, your access is not the most current version and thus does not include these features.  You likely have additional training assigned under My learning Plans in the Employee LearnCenter.  If you have additional access or training questions contact:


Where can I find my payslip?

Payslips are available in HCM under My Profile > Pay > Payslips.  See the Viewing Payslip/Paystub Quick Reference Guide for full details.  Note all assigned WyoCloud training in My Learning Plans within the Employee LearnCenter must be completed to see your payslip.


When I attempt to submit an absence or timecard, I get an error “Only one time type per day allowed” or similar?

At this time HCM does not allow for multiple time reporting codes (including both regular time and leave) to be entered when at least one is an absence initially requested through the absences area.  If you get this error, please delete/withdraw the absence from within absences.  Your supervisor will need to approve the withdrawal then you will be able to enter both the absence and time from the time card.  See this guide on how to enter both from the time card.


Can I edit my Time Card after my supervisor has approved it?

To increase efficiency in running payroll, once a supervisor approves a specific timecard it will be unavailable for editing. This will be the case for all employee types, thus employees should always use “Save and Close” when exiting the time card. All time and/or absence should be entered before a time card is submitted. In the event edits are needed after supervisor approval, employees should contact Payroll at to have the time card unlocked.


Can I create Time Cards for previous pay periods?

Within HCM employees are able to create time cards for the current pay period and the three most recent previous pay periods. If an employee has not created a time card for hours worked more than three pay periods ago, they will need to contact Payroll by emailing


Where do I go to set up payroll direct deposit? Edit my W-4?

Both payroll direct deposit (and additional payment methods) and your W-4 are located under My Profile > Pay.  Note all assigned WyoCloud training in My Learning Plans within the Employee LearnCenter must be completed to complete these actions.


What address will a mailed paycheck be sent to?

Although the university recommends setting up direct deposit for quickest pay check delivery, a mailed check is an option.  If you choose this option it is critical that you confirm the address you’d like this delivered to is set to primary within the Personal Information section of HCM.  See the Contact Info guide for details on how review and update this information.


On the time card, after I select my assignment number, the department and rate remain blank (instead of auto populating):

This is likely because you started in the middle of a bi-weekly pay period.  The system looks to the first day of the pay period to populate these values and since you had not yet started on the first day of the period, they are blank.  You can continue entering your time as usual, leaving these fields blank.  The time card will correctly process.  These fields will auto populate on all future time cards.


Why won’t it allow me to enter time on days previous to the two week pay period we are currently in? 

You likely need to adjust the Time Card Period at the top of the time card screen.  See Step 2, screenshot 2 of the Entering Time Quick Reference Guide for details on how to make this update.


I have multiple assignments, why is it doubling my leave when I enter it in absences?

If you hold multiple assignments, including a second “on call” assignment, you are required to enter your leave from within the time card.  Entering from the Time Card allows you to select to only deduct the leave from your benefited position.  See the Requesting an Absence with Multiple Assignments Quick Reference Guide.


I’m a full time non-exempt employee, how do I notate a holiday on my time card?

Full time, non-exempt employees should notate 8 hours holiday pay for official UW holidays.  If you also worked regular hours on this holiday you will record both holiday pay AND the correct number of regular hours you worked.  Exempt employees do not need to record holidays.


I’m a supervisor, why am I seeing assignments that I do not supervisor on a time card approval?

As each employee only has one time card per pay period, employees with multiple assignments record time for all assignments within one time card.  Thus HCM only creates one combined approval.  However, your approval only applies to the assignment you supervise.  The approval goes to all supervisors.  See the Approving Time Cards in HCM Quick Reference Guide for full details.



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