Sharing a folder from a Windows 10 Computer


  1. Turn on the file and printer sharing option. To do this type “sharing” in the windows search and select “Manage advanced sharing settings”. Or go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings. 

  2. Right click on the file you wish to share and select properties, select the sharing tab, and then click the Advanced Sharing button.


  1. Click the checkbox to share the folder and then click the permission button.



  1. Click the Add or Remove buttons to add or remove permissions for specific users or user groups. You can add individual users, or user groups such as “Authenticated users”. Here you can also check the boxes to grant different levels of access. When you’re done setting permissions, click the Apply button on the Permissions for Shared Content window and the Advanced Sharing window.



  1. Take note of Network Path in the Shared Content Properties. This will be the path that users will use to access the shared location.


  1. Note: You may also need to change the security settings for the shared location. Right-click on the shared folder and select properties. Then select the Security tab and make sure the users or user groups also have security permissions to the shared folder.



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