Redirect your UW Email in Outlook


Information on how to use Microsoft Outlook to create a redirect rule



All University of Wyoming (UW) faculty, staff, and students have a UW domain and Exchange email account. This account will be used to email you important University information, information pertinent to your classes, etc. and will be the email account listed for you in the Outlook (and Outlook Web App) Global Address Lists, which all others on campus have access to. If you would rather not access your UW email through this account and would rather redirect it on to another email account of your own, you can do so through the creation of a rule in Microsoft Outlook.

NOTE: By using Microsoft Outlook to create a redirect rule, each email will be sent on and retain the original sender information. However, any other recipients that the email was originally sent to, copied to, or blind-copied to will not be retained in the redirected email.


  1. Open your UW email account in Microsoft Outlook.

    1. Click on the File tab and then Info on the left.

    2. Click on Rules and Alerts towards the bottom of the window.
    3. In the Rules and Alerts window, click New Rule.

      Rules Wizard window, Start from a blank rule selected

    4. In the Rules Wizard window, under Start from a blank rule, click Apply rule on messages I receive, and click Next.

      Rules Wizard window, sent to people or distribution list selected

    5. In the Which condition(s) do you want to check? window, click Next. When the warning window This rule will be applied to every message you receive. Is this correct? appears, click Yes.

      Rules Wizard window, sent to people or distribution list selected

    6. In the What do you want to do with the message? window, check the box next to Redirect it to people or public group.

      Rule Address window
    7. Click on people or public group in the bottom box. In the Rule Address box that pops up, type your email address in the To -> field at the bottom and press OK.

      Rule Address window

    8. Press Next to continue.
    9. In the Are there any exceptions? window, press Next.
    10. Name your rule and make sure that Turn on this rule in Step 2 is checked. Press Finish when you are done.

      Rule Address window

    11. The rule will now show up in your Rules and Alerts. The rule is now activated and will apply to all new incoming email.

      Rule Address window

  2. Checking Your UW Email Periodically to Prevent Exceeding Your Email Storage Quota

    NOTE: when using Outlook redirect rules, copies of forwarded emails will still remain in your UW email Inbox. Therefore, to avoid exceeding your email storage quota it is necessary to access your UW email periodically to remove old email messages. If your account exceeds quota, you will receive no new email messages nor will new messages be forwarded to your other email accounts.

    1. Access your UW email account
    2. To permanently delete all emails from your Inbox (this does not send them to the Deleted Items folder for later recovery), while the cursor is in the message inbox area, press CTRL-A to select all messages.

    3. While pressing the Shift key on the keyboard, press the Delete key.

      Note: Clicking the Delete icon in the toolbar (rather than the Delete key on the keyboard) will send the selected items to the Deleted Items folder instead of permanently deleting them, and you will then need to select the Deleted Items folder and click the Empty Deleted Items icon in the toolbar to clear it out. Any items remaining in your Deleted Items folder count against your total quota.

    4. When prompted if you want to permanently delete the selected items, click Yes.
    5. Close Outlook when you are done.
    6. Repeat section 2 of this document periodically to prevent exceeding you storage quota for your UW email account. 



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