How to Check Out Multimedia Equipment or Mobile Devices via WebCheckout


Instructions on how to check out multimedia equipment and mobile devices provided by specific colleges.



  1. Go to , or use one of the links on the ASU Homepage, and login using your UWYO username and password.  


  1. Select the appropriate Checkout Center.  ‘Information Technology Multimedia Checkout Center’ for Multimedia equipment.   Specific colleges will be listed if you are eligble for mobile device checkout from that particular school.


Click on the three bars in the upper right corner, select “New Reservation” to begin,


  1. Using the date and time boxes in the ‘New Reservation’ section, select the dates and times for your reservation.   Tip: note schedule and/or other conflict errors that may be flagged for you in the bottom right corner of the webpage.  Commonly, conflict error notifications occur when a device is set to be picked up outside of checkout center hours. To resolve this, make sure that the device is set to be picked up between 9am and 4pm M-F.”



Conflict error notification(s), 


  1. In the ‘Browse Resources’ section, choose the equipment you wish to check out.  Common selections may include one camera, and one tripod.


Be sure to add the device to your reservation by clicking on the plus symbol (+) next to the device number.


        5.  Click on ‘Confirm’ in the bottom right corner once all conflict(s) (if any) are resolved.


Look for the confirmation notification.



Note:  You will see your Reservations and Checked out equipment in the initial Webcheckout login page.


For further assistance or walk-in service for Webcheckout, feel free to visit the ITC Walk-in Service Center, 1710 E. Sorority Row, room 160, M-F, 8am-4:00pm.



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