Installing Pulse Secure (Ivanti Secure on other platforms) when Administrative permissions are not available


Installing Pulse Secure when Administrative permissions are not available and connecting to the UW campus VPN network.


How to connect to UW's VPN without an existing install or old version of Pulse Secure and cannot be installed when administrative permissions are not available.

For Windows 10, 10-S, and 11.

The Microsoft Store has an edition of Pulse Secure which can be installed with standard user-level permissions.


First open the Microsoft Store.  Click Start and search for, Microsoft Store.

Once the Store opens, use the search option to search for, Pulse Secure.

Click Get and allow Pulse Secure to install.

Once installed, the Pulse VPN option will be added within the Windows settings option, Network and Internet.

You can either click the button for, VPN Settings, at the end of the install.  Or, click the Windows Start -> Settings: Network and Internet: VPN.

Within VPN Settings.  Click the "+" (plus symbol) to add a new connection.

Configure the VPN connection as:

VPN Provider: Pulse Secure

Connection Name: UWYO

Server name or address:

As the connection will likely be used once - to connect to the UW campus VPN to elevate permissions and install the full Pulse Secure client, you will normally not select the option to, "Remember my sign-in info".

Click Save to add the connection to the Windows VPN.

The connection will be added to the list of VPN connections.  Click Connect.

Enter in your UW username and password.  The username is entered in as, uwyo\username, or, just the username (do not use the "" portion).

The connection will prompt for your secondary, 2-factor code.  Most accounts will enter in either the word, "push", or the word, "phone" (without the quotes).

Approve the connection with your 2-factor device.

The VPN connection should connect and UW network services should now be available. Disconnect when you are finished with the connection.










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