Logging in and Reviewing the Home Screen Layout in EPM


This article gives more information about how to log in to and navigate the Enterprise Performance Management system. Note that access is limited to select users and is solely based on roles (i.e., budget responsibilities).


This guide will cover:


Important Notes:

  • Access to the WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management system is limited to select users and is solely based on user roles (i.e., budget responsibilities).  

    • The Budget Office reviews and approves access.

  • As a cloud-based application, the WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system can be accessed from most devices anywhere with an internet connection.


Step One

Log into WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management:

  • Navigate to WyoWeb: http://wyoweb.uwyo.edu/

  • From the WyoCloud section on the WyoWeb home page, click Enterprise Performance Management.

First-time users may be brought to the Oracle Cloud Sign-In page.  (Please note: If you are off-campus, two-factor authentication is required)

  • Step 1 - Click the Remember my Choice button

  • Step 2 - Click the Company Sign-In button

  • Enter your UW credentials

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  • Click Logon

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  • You will be logged on via Single Sign-On and the WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management home screen is displayed.


Step Two

Review the Home Screen Layout 

  • The WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management System Home Screen consists of three main regions: 

  1. Navigator & Navigation Flows Area

  2. Home Screen Tools

  3. Activity Pane

Although the Navigator & Navigator Flows Areas provide the same budgeting tools, it is recommended that you use Navigator Flows to complete budgeting tasks because of its visual layout.


  1. Navigator and Navigation Flows area(s) groups processes/objects together for each step in the budgeting process. These groupings are referred to as Clusters and the objects within a cluster are referred to as Cards:

    • Clusters are groupings of cards by their unique area/process such as Position Planning, Unrestricted Funds, Designated Funds, etc.

    • Cards represent the different objects/views in WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management such as un-suppressed, transfers, review existing positions, etc.  

  1. Home Screen Tools help you with navigation of the system

    • Home Button

    • Accessibility Settings Button

    • Settings and Actions Dropdown Button which includes additions tools and sign-out from the system.

3. The Activity Pane provides links to important Timelines and Announcements.  


Step Three

Returning to the Homepage

To return to the home page of any screen you are on, you can: 

  • Click the Homebutton within the Home Screen tools in the upper-right corner, or

  • Click on the the Wyocloud logoin the upper-left corner.



This completes the Logging into the System & Home Screen Layout QRG.



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