Create a Text Message for Important Emails


Information on how to create an email rule to text your phone when receiving messages



Through your Office 365 account, you are able to create a rule that will text your phone when you receive an important message.



1. Log into you Office 365 account.

2. In the upper right corner, select the Options button (a small “gear” icon)

3. Under, My app settings, select: Mail

On the Options panel, expand the General Category, then select Text Messaging.

Note: If you have already setup text messaging, you will see your cell number listed.


4. If not, go through the process to enroll your mobile device. The Office 365 mail server will send a confirmation code. (or click, Edit Text Messaging Settings if you wish to update your mobile number)

5. Once your phone is enrolled, choose:

“Set up email notifications using an Inbox rule.”

Name the rule – a descriptive name for the rule

“When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions”:

You can choose from a number of conditions, for example, if the message was sent from an important person, has keywords in the message or even has an attachment.


6. Select the condition and follow the options to fill in the values for the condition.

The most common option is one when you wish to be notified if a person emailed you. In that case, select the option where, It was received from… : [enter in person’s name]

Search for the person. Once the account is found, click the small Plus (+) button to add the account.


7. Click Save.


8. Select the option, Send a text message to…

Note: Ensure your phone number is listed.


9. Click the OK button near the top.




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