Install OneDrive for Business on Mac


Information on how to install OneDrive for Business on a Mac


Note: OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client is supported for OS X versions 10.9 and above.


1.  Install OneDrive from the app store.

         Note: You may be asked for your Apple ID.

 2. If you're not signed in to OneDrive with any account, you’ll want to set up OneDrive so that you can connect a work or school account.

3.  From a Terminal window, type the following and tap Return:

defaults write DefaultToBusinessFRE -bool True

Screenshot of entering the DefaultToBusinessFRE in a Terminal window


4.  From a Terminal window, type the following and tap Return:

defaults write EnableAddAccounts -bool True

Screenshot of entering enableAddAccounts command in Terminal windows

5.  Now you can start OneDrive by hitting cmd+Space to launch a Spotlight query and type “OneDrive”.

This starts the Welcome to OneDrive wizard where you can click Sign in to set up your work or school account.

6. One the app has been installed you will be asked to set up your OneDrive. Enter your UW email address.


7. You will be directed to an Office 365 log in.   When you go to enter your password, you should be redirected to a UW log in. You will want to enter your UW username/password.



8. You will be asked  where you will want to put your OneDrive folder. 



9.  Once you pick your location, you will be asked if you want to change. If you are okay with the location, select next.



10. Select if you want to sync all files and folders or if you would like to pick and choice which files and folders.


11.  You will then be presented with the option of open your OneDrive now or to open your files at log in. If you would like to open your files at log in, you will make sure to check the box.


12.  You will then be able to find your OneDrive in the location that you selected.



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