Temporary Lecturer Direct Hire

This guide will cover: 

  • Creating a requisition for temporary lecturer direct hires.  
  • Progressing this hire though the offer process.

Obtaining a signed offer letter is now included within the Recruiting system.  It is no longer required to obtain one from Academic Affairs prior to completing the process.

Prior to completing a hire via Recruiting, the HCM Funding form must also be completed so that the hire can be promptly and accurately entered into HCM.  This form is found on the Payroll website.  If candidate selected is a new hire (and thus does not have a person number), indicate “new” in the person number field on the funding form.


Step One: Login to HCM Recruiting

Navigate to the Recruiting section of WyoCloud from WyoWeb. 

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display. Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

  • First click My Team to expand, then click Recruiting within the Navigator.

  • Navigate to the Recruiting section.


Step Two: Create a Requisition

  • Select the Requisitions button from the welcome page task bar.

  • Click Create Requisition.

  • In the Create a Requisition window, select Use a template and click the Next  button

  • In the Create a Requisition – Find a template window, click on the bubble that specifies the hire type for the requisition that you are creating:
    • For Hourly Non-Benefited positions, select the following hire type: Non-Benefited (Hourly and Salaried – Including Student Worker, Work Study & Academic Non-Benefited)
  • Click Next.

  • To search for begin to type 0008 into the field and select the correct option from the drop down.
  • Note: There is only one (1) applicable job code for a Temporary Lecturer:
    • 0008 – Temporary Lecturer
      • This job code should only be used for Temporary Lecturer positions.
  • Click Next.

  • In the Specify Attributes step, select the Job Field auto-populates to Temporary Lecturer, do not change this.
  • Choose the Department by either using the Selector Icon or typing your Department name and clicking on the correct drop down option.

  • Once you choose your Department, the Organization and Location will auto-populate.
  • If you need to change the location of this position, you may do so by typing over the auto-populated field or searching in the Selector Icon.  Other Locations may be selected using the selector icon if this job is located in multiple locations.
  • Once your selections are made, click Next.


Step Three: Complete the Requisition

Fill out all requisition fields that are required to post.

  • In the Create New Requisition window, fill out all required fields. 
  • Required fields can be viewed by using the green Inspection Tool on the right side of the page. Click on the Inspect icon to review any required fields that are not yet populated. Or, you may toggle to Show fields required to Save, Request Approval or Post as you complete the requisition.

  • Once the Inspect tool is open, the fields that are required under Save, Request Approval, and Post are visible on the right-hand side of the page.
  • To close the Inspect tool, click on the ‘X’ on the right hand side.

  • In the Identification area of the Requisition Structure, complete the following:
    • The Requisition Title field pre-populates to the job name and should not be changed. However, a dash can be added for additional clarification (e.g. Temporary Lecturer – Name of Candidate).
    • In the Justification drop down, choose the option that best describes why this job is being posted. Provide a brief explanation for justification in the available text box.
    • Indicate the Number of Openings in the box provided.  Please note: Only 1 hire may be made per requisition for Temporary Lecturers.

  • The Structure area pre-populates based upon information previously entered. However, it can be updated using the Modify Structure link, if needed.
  • In the Owners area, the note underneath the section header is a guide for whom should be listed as the Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Hiring Manager Assistant fields.
    • Recruiter: This field auto-populates to whomever is completing the requisition.  Please change this to the appropriate and responsible Staffing/Employment Partner for your area.  If you are unsure of who that may be, please see the Recruiter Responsibility page.
    • Hiring Manager: Supervisor of the position being posted.
    • Hiring Manager Assistant: Individual designated by hiring manager to assist with the in system administrative tasks associated with the search process.
  • Members of a Search Committee can be added collaborators. Click Add Collaborators.


  • In the pop-up window, use the search on the left and click the selection box to the left of their name to add the appropriate collaborators. When all are selected, click Add Collaborators.

  • If you do not see the Collaborator that you need to add, that means they have not completed the required training for access – please call your Employment Partner or the HR office at 307-766-2377 if you are having trouble finding the correct person.
  • The Candidate Selection Workflow will display as Non-benefited. Contact the assigned Employment Partner if the process workflow does not appear accordingly.

  • In the Job Information area, click Yes for Direct Hire.  Enter the reason and name of the direct hire.

  • In the Profile area, fill out all job-specific information.

Job Profile Field


Requires Background Check

Required. Mark YES. A Background Check is required for all Temporary Lecturer and is good for 3 years.  The Staffing Partner will verify if one is required for your direct hire.

Requires Motor Vehicle Records Check

Required. A Motor Vehicle Records Check (MVR) is required for all employees that drive for UW business. The MVR Policy can be found here.

Position Number

Required. This 8-digit number is generated by using a “99” followed by the department’s 5-digit HR department code, followed by the appropriate Workers Comp Code: 99210402 *Make sure to clear all filters before searching* If you are unsure what position number to use, please contact your Employment & Staffing Partner.

This hire will result in additional compensation for courses with student enrollment more than #

Required. Answer Yes or No, based on the commitments to the hire.

Course Enrollment Over Number

Required.  Enter appropriate number.  If no additional compensation for courses and enrollment will be given enter “0”.

Courses to be Taught

Required. Please include course information for each course hired for, separate by a semicolon(;): 1. Course Prefix; 2. Course Title/Name; 3: Course Section; and 4. Credit Hours.  Also, please clarify which semester(s) this class is being taught (Fall, Spring, Summer, etc).

Education Level, Travel, Job Level, Shift

Complete based upon the specifications of the specific position.  These will be included in the job advertisement.  Please see our guidelines for determining start dates as well.


Required. Full time equivalency (FTE) is the percentage towards full time, 40 hours per week.  Please see this chart for assistance.  Temporary Lecturers should not teach more than 6 credit hours per semester.


Required. This indicates the hours per week for this job and should correlate to the FTE.

Credit Hours

Required. This indicates the total credit hours that will be taught.

Worker Category

This field is pre-populated and should not be changed.

Target Start Date

Required. Please enter the target start date.

Target End Date

Required. Please enter the target end date.

Period of Hire

Required. Please enter if this Temp Lecturer is hired to teach in the Fall, Spring, Summer, J-Term or Academic Year.


As of Fall 2019 all Temporary Lecturers are required to complete background checks.  Checks will be kept on file by Human Resources and will expire after three years.  When a check has expired a new one will be required.



Use the following conversion chart to indicate the percent FTE based upon the number of credit hours being taught.  Note: temporary lecturers are not permitted to teach more than 6 credit hours per semester.  For questions contact your Employment Staffing Partner



WyoCloud Grades, Min/Max Salary, and Pay Basis

Are pre-populated and should not be changed.

Hourly Rate

Required. Input N/A.

Salary Rate

Required. Enter salary rate.

Salary Pay Basis

Required. Enter salary pay basis – this should always be Period – the Staffing Partner will calculate the appropriate monthly payment depending on start and end date, along with other factors.

Posted Salary Range From/To

Complete this if you’d like a salary range displayed on the job posting for the candidate to see.  This should be reflective of the available budget you have for the position.

Overtime status

Pre-populated and should not be changed.  All Temporary Lecturer positions will be exempt.

If you feel any of the pre-populated fields are incorrect, contact an Employment Partner in Human Resources prior to submitting the requisition for approval.

  • In the Job Description area, verify and update all necessary information regarding Job Title, Job Purpose, Essential Duties and Responsibilities, Minimum Qualifications, Desired Qualifications, and Required Materials. The External Description sub-section will have some information prepopulated from the job description. However, all information in the Description – External and Qualifications – External text boxes must be reviewed and edited when relevant. Please DO NOT delete or change the template headers – only information within the brackets {Information} should be updated.
    • If an area doesn’t apply, simply indicate N/A.
    • Job Purpose and Essential Duties and Responsibilities must be filled out.
    • Please Note: One of the three minimum qualifications will need to be selected for Temporary Lecturers:
      • Education:  Master's degree in a related discipline; Experience: N/A
        • Education: Master's degree in any discipline and Experience: 18 graduate credit hours in the related discipline
        • Education: Bachelor's degree in any discipline and Experience: Experience in the related field deemed appropriate by the department.

  • To include the same information in both the External and Internal Job Posting Descriptions (required), click the Copy From button.

  • Select the last bubble that states “Paste information even if the field is not empty.
  • Click Done.

  • In the Questionnaire sub-section, click the Apply Model button to include the predefined pre-screening questions.
  • Additional requisition-specific questions can be added by clicking the Add button and selecting questions from the pre-approved library.
  • Questions can also be created by clicking the paper icon to the left of the add button.  Note added questions are subject to approval by Employment Partner.

  • Additional information can be added about the requisition in the Additional Information section.  Anything listed here is for reviewers, approvers and the Staffing/Employment Partner’s information – it does not appear in the job posting.
    • For example: Include the Search Committee Chair name if it is different from the Hiring Manager. Notes for approvers and/or Employment Partner can also be included.

  • Once you feel you’ve fully completed the requisition, open the Inspect Tool to confirm all fields indicate ready. 
  • Click Done.

  • After the requisition is saved, a unique requisition ID is assigned.  Notice after the requisition is saved, the Status on the left-hand side is still Draft.


Step Four: Request Approval

  • At any time before the requisition is submitted for approval, the requisition can be saved and completed at a later time.  It is also required it be saved prior to requesting approval. 
  • Edits can be made to the entire requisition using the Edit All button, or use the pencil on the right hand side to edit sections individually.
  • Click Done when appropriate changes are made.

  • When finished, click on the More Actions drop down, then Submit for Approval.  You may also click the “check mark” icon to request approval as well.

  • In the Approval window, all approvers for the requisition are noted. All requisitions route though the Hiring Manager and up the chain of command to the Provost’s Office.
  • If additional approvers beyond the standard chain are desired, they can be added through using the Add Approvers button in the lower left corner.
  • Enter Comments to the approver(s).
  • Click Done.

  • Once the approval request has been sent, notice the status has been updated to Pending – To Be Approved.


Step Five: Checking on the Approval Status

  • From the Recruiting Center, click Pending from the Requisitions area.
  • After a requisition is fully approved, it will appear under Open.

  • This will bring you to a list of all requisitions you currently have open. Click the desired title to open the details of the requisition.

  • Here, you can review all details of the requisition.  To view the approval chain, select the Approvals tab.
  • This will display the full list of approvers.  In the Decision column, you can see if each individual has approved or if their approval is still pending.



Step Six: Candidate Application

Once requisition is fully approved, the HR Employment Partner will provide the Hiring Manager with a unique link to provide to the candidate to apply.  The candidate must complete the online application before hire can continue processing.

A notification is generated letting owners on the requisition know the candidate has applied.  The Hiring Manager (or assistant) will progress the candidate to the next step.

  • From the Recruiting Center, click on Open requisitions.

  • Navigate to the appropriate Requisition and click on the Number associated with the correct requisition you are managing.

  • This brings you to the list of applicants. Click on the applicant’s name to review their full application – please ensure you’ve read the Questionnaire section of the application and contact your Employment Partner if the candidate has disclosed a conviction or policy violation.  These will need to be reviewed and addressed per business process.
  • Click Back to Submission List when done reviewing the application.

  • To progress to offer stage, check the box to the left of your direct hire’s name.
  • Click the More Actions drop down, then Change Step/Status.

  • Change the New Status drop down to Proceed to 1st Round Interview.
  • Click Apply and Continue.

  • Change the New Status drop down to Proceed to Written Offer.  In the Comments, please confirm start date and salary rate.
  • Click Apply and Close


The HR Staffing Partner will generate the offer letter and send it though the approvals.  Once the offer letter has been approved it will be extended to the candidate.  The candidate must review and accept the offer in a timely manner, as background checks (if required) cannot be kicked off until this time.


After the offer has been accepted, the HR Staffing Partner will initiate the background check and I-9.  Once this is complete the hire can be moved to HCM to be finalized.


This completes the Temporary Lecturer Direct Hire Process

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