File Sharing

1. In OneDrive, select the file or folder to be shared by checking next to the object’s name.

2. Click Share.
3. Configure appropriate sharing options. (see below)

Invite people:
o Designate people: enter email addresses. (*note that UW’s OneDrive is integrated with the email system, so you are able to simply enter names)
o Set permission level: select Can edit or Can view from the dropdown menu.
o Include a message: include an optional message or description that will be sent as part of the invitation.
o Require sign-in: check this to ensure that users must login before they can access your files
o Click Share to allow access and send an email invitation.

Get a link:
o Another sharing option is to simply provide a link to the object. When using this option, note that anyone who ends up with the link will have access to the object. For security purposes, do not use this method with files that contain confidential information.
o Choose View Only or Edit > Create Link > copy and either email the link to others or post it on a webpage.
• Shared with:
o Use this option to review and edit the current sharing configuration.

Method 2: through a Microsoft application
From within Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can immediately share a file that has been previously saved to OneDrive.
1. In the application, open the File tab.
2. Select the Share option.
3. Select the type of sharing (Invite People or Get a Sharing Link).
4. Set specific settings (as per previous instructions).
Note that to be able to use this option you will first need to be logged into the device with your University account.

If you share a folder, all objects located in or added to that parent folder will also be shared with the same permissions.

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