OneDrive Tools and Options

The navigation pane (left):

• Documents lists all files and folders located in your cloud storage area.
• Shared with me lists all of the files and folders that others have shared with you.
• Followed lists content that you have marked to “follow.”
• Site folders lists accessible SharePoint site folders.
• Recycle bin contains objects that have been deleted from OneDrive.

Toolbar options:

New is used to create folders (directories) and online documents, spreadsheets and other content.
• Upload allows files to be selected and copied to the OneDrive cloud. (Uploads can also be initiated by dragging files onto the OneDrive window.)
• Sync manually starts the synchronization process.
• Share is used to give others access to specific content. Content must be selected for this option to be available.
• More contains a list of additional tools and options (see figure to the right). Content must be selected for this option to be available. Available options depend on the type of object selected, either a file or folder, and may include: download, share, rename, delete, move/copy, version history, properties, check out, and follow.


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