Reviewing Tasks and Pending Approvals in Recruiting

This guide will cover:

  • Reviewing the Tasks in HCM Recruiting system.  In Tasks you can review the status of any action assigned to you in recruiting as well as quickly identify items needing your approval.

Approvals for the Recruiting system are NOT included in the main approvals worklist in HCM.  Approvers will receive email notifications when recruiting approvals are needed.  Approvers can also use the Tasks menu in Recruiting to review and take action on pending items.


Step One

Access HCM Recruiting from within WyoCloud.

  • After logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, click on the navigator (3 horizontal line) in the upper left corner of the page.

  • First click on My Team to expand, then click on Recruiting.

  • The Recruiting homepage will display.
  • Select the Recruiting in the upper left corner of the page.


Step Two

Review items pending approval using the Tasks info tile.

  • In the lower right of the Recruiting page is the Tasks info tile.  Here you can see a breakdown of items needing your attention such as Requisitions and/or Offers needing your approval.  Click on any item in the list to view all tasks in that status (ie: Approve Requsition, Approve Offer, etc.).

  • On the Tasks page a full list of any items assigned to you for approval will appear.
  • You can use the Quick Filters on the left side of the page to sort to see things such as all requisitions you own or collaborate on.
  • To open a task, review and approve, click on the title.

  • From the Decide on Approval window you can see the following information:
    1. Any comments left by other approvers in the approval chain.
    2. Download a PDF of the full requisition (linked in blue text) or view any other attachments on the requisition.
    3. Check box to recieve an email with approval details.

  • To approve, ensure the drop down next to your name is set to Approve.
  • Add any Comments in the comment box.
  • Click Done.


You have now completed the steps of Completing Approvals in Recruiting.

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