Conference Call System

Note your personal conference ID at You will not have access to a PIN via that site because of licensing limitations. Without a PIN you will need to start a meeting from a computer or the Skype for Business smart phone application.  You can attend meetings by connecting directly with a phone.


There are two ways to create a conference call:

  1. From your Outlook Calendar:
    1. Create an Outlook Calendar "Online Meeting" appointment by clicking on the New Online Meeting button in Outlook Calendar.
    2. Then click on the Join online meeting link in the body of the calendar appointment.
  2. Click on Meet Now.

    Note: under this option, the conference ID will be dynamically assigned (i.e., it will not use your personal conference ID).

There are two ways to attend a conference call:

  1. From a telephone:
    1. Dial 307-766-1200.
    2. Enter your personal conference ID.
    3. At the voice prompt state your name.
  2. From a Skype for Business or web browser:
    1. Click on the Join online meeting link in the body of the calendar appointment.


  • You will have additional capabilities if you attend or host the meeting or conference using Skype for Business:
    • Meeting organizers can enable or disable announcement of people entering or leaving the conference.
    • You will be able to record the meeting/conference.
    • You can share desktops, applications, or whiteboards.
    • You can send instant messages.
    • You can share video.
  • People outside of UW can download Skype for Business
  • Attendees who join the meeting by clicking on the "Join online meeting" link in the calendar appointment, but do not have Skype for Business installed will join the meeting using their web browser.
    • Web browser attendees must get audio by calling 307-766-1200 and will not be able to share video.

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