Skype for Business


Skype for Business offers telephony (voice over IP, or VoIP), instant messaging, video, desktop/application sharing, and conferencing.

In short, it can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Telephone system
  • Conference call system
  • Web conferencing system
  • Video conferencing system




Skype for Business

Connect to one individual or a group of individuals in different locations for a video conference with the click of a button. Making it easy to connect with a faculty or staff across campus, across the state or internationally.


As a meeting organizer you can see everyone that is currently attending the meeting, mute all attendees, and add or drop attendees while keeping the meeting open.


Scheduling a video conference with Skype for Business is as simple as creating an Outlook meeting request and clicking the “Live Meeting” button. Each faculty and staff member has their own conference ID number that will be automatically added to the information on how to connect.


Skype for Business can also be used to create audio only telephone conferences whether all your attendees use Outlook or not.

  • Skype for Business can be used to share the view of an application, such as a PowerPoint presentation or Word document, or an entire desktop, making it simple for others to follow along with the meeting content. The meeting organizer can even transfer control of a document or desktop to others.
  • Included with Skype for Business is instant message functionality. See who is currently available, leave a note for others to see, and instant message with an individual or a group of individuals.
  • Skype for Business is a free services for UW faculty and staff.

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