Upload a video already on my computer to MyWyocast in WyoCourses

Follow these step-by-step instructions to upload a video already on your computer to My Mediasite.


  1. Open the MyMediasite app in your WyoCourses Course.
  2. In the My Channels section, select the Channel (folder) where you want to store your video.

    My Channels

    Note: If you want to create a new channel, click the add button (+) and create a new channel. 

    Add Channels

  3. With your channel open, click Create Presentation.

    Create Presentation

  4. Click Upload Media.

    Upload Media

  5. Create a Name and Description for your video, then click Select Video

    Name and Description

  6. Select the video you would like to upload. You will see a blue progress bar while your video is uploading.

    Progress Bar

  7. You will see a notification that your upload is being processed. The time it takes for you video to upload will vary, depending on the size of the video.

    Being processed

  8. Once the recording is uploaded to Mediasite and processed, the presentation's status is updated. The presentation’s visibility is automatically set to “Private” which means it is can only be viewed by you. To update the presentation’s visibility settings, click Edit. Select Viewable in the Visibility drop-down list to allow others to view it. Which users can view it will depend on the presentation’s security settings. 
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