Use Video Content on a UW CMS Site


There are two options for posting video on University of Wyoming CMS websites: and the UW's Multimedia Server.

UW uses an official UW YouTube account, providing our vast array of audiences one central location to search for and view UW-related videos. Posting videos for viewing at is the preferred option and can be easily integrated into CMS websites or shared among social networks.


  1. Complete the required metadata spreadsheet located at In the spreadsheet, each video file must be named with your unit's university code and the date of production.
  2. Connect to the shared video folder:
    • On a PC, go to \\warehouse\uprphoto$\youtube
    • On a MAC:
      • In the finder, select Go > Connect to Server
      • Type in smb://warehouse/uprphoto$/youtube in the server address field (Or go to and copy the PC path in the Browse window).
    • Enter your UW username and password 
  3. Copy over your video files and the metadata spreadsheet into your unit's appropriate folder, such as:
    •  Administration
    • Admissions
    • Agriculture
    • AHC
    • Arts-and-Sciences
    • Athletics
    • Business
    • CACS
    • CTL
    • Education
    • Engineering-Applied Sciences
    • Epscor
    • Foundation
    • Health-Sciences
    • Institutional
    • Law
    • News
    • Outreach
    • Science Posse
    • Sports
    • Student-Life
    • UWTV
    • and others
    Any popular format can be uploaded to YouTube (view more information).
  4. Notify Institutional Marketing Web Services that your videos are ready for upload by contacting the UW IT Help Desk via email at or call 766-4357.

Multimedia Server

For videos or audio files that can't be uploaded to, a multimedia server is available for use through IT. To request space on the multimedia server, go to the Central Website Requests site at and select the Request Central Site Creation option. Choose Multimedia Streaming Site in the Site Purpose dropdown menu. After the site is created, you will receive notice from IT on how to connect.

The multimedia server can host:

  • Windows Media (.wmv),
  • MPEG4 and MOV files - supporting h264 (.m4v,mp4)
  • Flash (.flv)
  • Audio (.mp3)

Only Flash and MPEG4 videos encoded using h264 are supported in the UW CMS video callouts.

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