Map a Network Drive for Windows 7


If it is necessary for you to often access a network computer or folder for collaboration of work, sharing of files, backing up of data, Web site editing, or any other purpose, mapping a drive to this share can save you time by decreasing the number of steps necessary to access it and will allow you quick access without having to remember the full name or path each time you need access.

In some cases, you will need to have permissions to access a specific network drive, which can be requested from the administrator. 


  1. Creating a Mapped Drive
    1. In Windows, click the Start button, right-click Computer (or My Computer), and click Map Network Drive.
    2. In the Map Network Drive window, in the Drive box, enter the drive letter that you would like to use.





    3. In the Folder box, select the Browse button to locate the computer you would like to connect to, or type the name of the computer and the name of the folder in the format \\computername\foldername.

      NOTE: Make sure that you have typed the correct slashes (i.e. \ and not /). 



    4. Verify that the Reconnect at logon check box is selected, and click Finish.

  2. Accessing a Mapped Drive
    1. In Windows, click the Start menu button, and click Computer (or My Computer).
    2. In the My Computer window, in the Network Drives section, double-click the drive you would like to access.

      My Computer window

  3. Removing a Mapped Drive
    1. In Windows, click the Start menu button, click Computer (or My Computer), and right click on which network you would like to disconnect from.
    2. Click Disconnect on the drive you would like to remove.

      Disconnect Network Drives window
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