Monitoring and Progressing the Candidate Pool: Work Study Hires

This guide will cover:

  • Submitting necessary information to pre-screen work study applicants for work study eligibility.
  • Direct Hires: please scroll down to Finalizing the Hire (pg. 14) for instructions on how to complete this process.

Steps in the Work Study Process include:

  1. Employment Partner (recruiter) posts position
  2. Candidates apply
  3. Hiring manager/assistant enters information required for system to run Work Study Eligibility Check
  4. Hiring manager/assistant screens and interviews candidates
  5. Determine hire

Although this guide outlines the basic steps of the systematic process, remember the Human Resources Employment Partners (307-766-2377) are available for questions and guidance at any point in the process.


Access Recruiting

Navigate to the Recruiting section of WyoCloud from WyoWeb.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display. Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

  • Select Recruiting under the My Team header within the Navigator.

  • Navigate to the Recruiting section.

Adobe Flash is required for use of recruiting.  For assistance enabling Flash within your browser, see this Knowledge Base article.


Access List of Candidates

Navigate to the Requisition that is being filled and select the candidate to screen their profile.

  • Click on Requisitions in top tool bar or the dashboard.

  • On the Requisitions window, find the Requisition that is being filled.
  • Click on the number link next to the Requisition Title to view the list of candidates.


Reviewing Candidates for Integration

Review candidate information, and progress into Passed/Failed review process.

  • Select the candidate name, for a candidate in the Work Study New – Work Study New Step, Status to initiate the process for the system check to verify their Work Study eligibility status.

  • Click Edit to begin entering the Enrollment Term and W Number.

  • Scroll down to Profile Information and enter in required fields.
    • Enrollment Term: This is the academic term in which the student enrollment and GPA can be verified against. 
    • Make sure the W number the student entered is correct. (Capital “W”, and no space prior to the number ie. W12345678)
  • Once finished, scroll back to the top and click Save and Close.

  • The system integration that determines work study eligibility runs every 4 hours (after entering this information wait until the status automatically changes to passed or failed)
  • The eligibility will populate “Y” or “N” or “NA” if the information entered was incorrect
  • Status changes automatically to Work Study Passed Screen or Work Study Failed Screen.
  • You’ll only want to consider the candidates who have passed the screen. 


Screening Passed Candidates

Review candidate information, and progress into approvals.

  • Select the candidate name to review their application.

  • Candidate information can be reviewed by clicking the expand icon in each section of the candidate file.

  • Please note section 6. Questionnaire includes answers to the required UW application questions such as veteran status and conviction related information.

  • Click on the Attachment tab to view documents the candidate submitted such as cover letter, resume/CV and/or other supplemental documents.


Interview Steps

  • Click on the More Actions drop down then Change Step/Status.
    • Note: When changing the status of multiple candidates at once, all selected candidates must but in the same step/status and be moving to the same step/status.

  • In the pop up window, use the New Status drop down to indicate the candidate progression to the next status.
  • Click Save and Close.
  • If candidates are Rejected, or have Withdrawn from consideration, update their status appropriately, and ensure the Additional Information box is marked accurately as well.



  • At this time, the Hiring Manager/Assistant is responsible for communicating the verbal offer of employment outside of the system. This action typically occurs over the phone. Once the hiring manager speaks to the candidate, the hiring manager indicates the next appropriate status.  To do so, click on More Actions, and Change Step/status on the candidate profile.

  • The Hiring Manager will update the step/status based on the candidate’s response. If the candidate accepts the verbal offer, select Proceed to Written Offer, add the appropriate Start Date and Hourly Rate in the comments box, Click Save and Close.
  • If the candidate has declined the verbal offer, select Withdrawn and indicate the most appropriate Additional Information, Click Save and Close.


Finalizing the Hire  

Once the verbal offer is accepted and the candidate’s status is changed to Proceed to Written Offer, your Employment Partner is notified to start the offer process.  If you forgot to include hire details in the comment box, contact your Employment Partner to communicate specific hire details, such as start date, and other information.

The Employment Partner will kick off appropriate actions in the system to finalize the hire.  Throughout this process, the Hiring Manager/Assistant will be able to view changes in the candidate’s status within the requisition.  In addition, some stages include email notifications to the Hiring Manager (when the offer has been accepted, for example). The following are some examples of the stages the candidate will move through.

  • The Employment Partner will prepare the written offer and send it through appropriate approvals.  These approvals begin with the Hiring Manager and continue up the chain of command to the Appointing Manager level.  While approvals are in progress, this is noted on the candidate’s status as Approval in Progress.

  • Once all approvals are received, the candidate will show with a status of Offer Approved.

  • After approvals are complete, the Employment Partner will extend the offer, which places the candidate in the Offer Extended status.

After the offer has been approved and accepted, the Employment Partner will continue to work with the candidate to complete a second pass application (personal details which are not collected as part of the application are provided, such as social security number, date of birth and gender) and background screening (if required for position).


Sending Correspondence to Unsuccessful Candidates

Throughout the process, it is the Hiring Manager/Assistant’s responsibility to communicate to other candidates that they are no longer in consideration for the position.  This can be done earlier in the process for candidates you know will not be considered, even if a top candidate withdraws.  However, it must be completed for all remaining candidates prior to finalizing the hire.

  • To send a rejection to a candidate, check the box next to the rejected candidate’s name.
  • Click More Actions and Send Correspondence.
  • In the Send Correspondence pop-up window, click the selector icon next to From Template to choose a pre-defined template.

  • In the Template Selector pop-up window, click Select next to the appropriate rejection template.

  • Click Next on the Send Correspondence window.

  • In the Message Preview window verify that all information is correct. To edit the message, click Edit.  
  • Once all information has been verified, click Send.

Correspondence can be sent for multiple candidates at once only if they are in the same step/status AND have the same reason for rejecting (ie: did not meet minimum qualifications).



Completing a Work Study Direct Hire

The first step will be to create a requisition for the hire, making the direct hire indications as directed in the Creating Requisition Quick Reference Guide.  After the requisition is completely approved, the following steps will occur.

  • Receive email from Employment Partner with link to provide candidate after requisition has been approved and posted to the private URL .
  • Provide link to candidate so that they can apply to the direct hire link.
  • Once candidate applies, Hiring manager/assistant follows instructions starting with Reviewing Candidates for Integration (page 3). Skip the interview steps
  • Employment Partner will then bypass to Finalizing Hire.

After the offer has been  approved and accepted, the Employment Partner will continue to work with the candidate to complete a second pass application (personal details which are not collected as part of the application are provided, such as social security number, date of birth and gender) and background screening (if required for position).

The candidate will be submitted for hire and the Employment Partner will initiate I9 process as appropriate.


You have now completed the steps to manage and progress the candidate pool.

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