Cannot find a message that was released from UW Spam Blocked Message window

It may take a few minutes (up to 10 or 15) before a message that is released from spam blocking appears in your Inbox.  


You may experience different behaviors depending on your email client. In Microsoft Outlook, the message will be time stamped with the time that it was delivered to your Inbox after being released from quarantine.  Inside the message, you will see the original date and time that the message was sent. In other email clients, messages may retain the original received date. If it is older than other messages in your Inbox, you may want to search further down the list of email messages if you sort by the Received column. Additionally, if you have any spam filtering rules set up or are using the built-in Microsoft Outlook Junk email filters, it may be automatically filtered to your Junk email or Spam folder. 

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