Assist with spam blocking

Users can assist IT with spam blocking by sending IT emails they feel are either mistagged or untagged as spam.


If a user receives an email that is not tagged or blocked as spam, they can send the email in question as an attachment to Likewise, email that is mis-tagged or blocked as spam (in the user's opinion) when it is not can be sent as an attachment to


The original untagged/mistagged emails must be sent as attachments and not just forwarded on. Once received, they will be sent on to Sophos for analysis.


To send the untagged/mistagged email as an attachment, in Microsoft Outlook,

  1. In the main Outlook view, click to select the specific untagged/mistagged email message, select the Edit menu, and click Copy.
  2. Create a new email message, and address it to or, as appropriate.
  3. Click in the Body of the message, where you would usually type your email message, select the Edit menu, and click Paste.
    NOTE: More than one email can be copied and pasted into a single message.
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