Extending a Graduate Assistant Using Manage Salary

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This process is currently not functioning for Graduate Assistants OR Temporary Lecturers as of the November 2020 system update (11/23/20).  Until further notice, to complete a Graduate Assistant Salary Extension with no costing (funding source) change, please email records@uwyo.edu.  If a costing change is also needed, use the Payroll Costing Module to complete the transaction. Salary changes for other types of employees are not impacted.


This guide will cover:

  • This process covers situations in which a Graduate Assistant (GA) is hired for one period of time then is extended additional semester(s) and/or academic year(s). AND there will be no costing (funding source) change at the same time.  If a costing change is also needed, the extension should be completed in the Payroll Costing Module.
  • In order for this process to be completed the GA must not have already been terminated.
  • In order to follow this process the GA must be continuing in the same department.


If you have not already done so, please consult the Graduate Assistant Hire/Extension Process Guide first to ensure all necessary steps are completed and in the correct order.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) WyoCloud access.

All GAs must be initially hired through the Recruiting system in accordance with the Graduate Fellowship and Assistant Policy. See Graduate Assistant Hire Process Quick Reference Guide for details on completing a GA hire.

This process can also be followed to extend temporary lecturers and other salaried, non-benefited employees paid on a monthly basis.


Step One

  • Navigate to My Workforce using the Navigator bar.

  • First click My Workforce to expand, then select Person Management within the navigator.



Step Two

Locate the GA for whom the extension is needed.

  • The Person Management: Search page will display.  Here you can search for all employees within your area of responsibility.
  • To search, enter at least one of the fields marked with a double asterisk (**).  Name or Person Number are recommended.  
  • Click Search.

  • Once the desired GA is located, click their name from the search results.


Step Three

The Manage Employment page will display.

  • Click the Task menu to the right of the page then Manage Salary.

  • The Manage Salary page will display. Click Propose New Salary on the right side of the page.

In many cases you will need to add multiple salary lines for the GA due to single semester GAs being paid different amounts at the beginning or end of the semester depending on the semester start/end dates.  For example, spring semester only GA maybe paid as in this breakdown:

  • January: $1111.12 (first transaction: Start Date 1/1/YYYY – End Date: 1/31/YYYY)
  • February – May: $2222.22 (second transaction: Start Date 2/1/YYYY – End Date: 5/31/YYYY)

You should always consult the current GA Pay Schedule available in the files section of this guide (located on to the right) for the most current monthly break down per semester. The above is just an example.


  • In the Propose New Salary pop up window, set an effective date for the change.  This should be the start of the semester being added.
  • Select the Change Salary from the Action drop down. 
  • Select the appropriate reason from the Reason drop down. 
  • Click Ok.

  • The New Salary section will open.  Enter the new End Date for the salary.  This should be the end of the final month of the GA will be employed OR the final month in which that salary amount should be paid (i.e.: 5/31/YYYY for Spring Semester NOT the final day of the semester).
  • Select Monthly Salary Basis from the Salary Basis drop down.
  • Update the Salary Amount to match the GA pay schedule outlined in the current Pay Schedule for GAs (available in the files section of this guide, located on right side of page).

  • Click Continue in the upper right corner.


Step Four

  • Ensure the information is correct under Review Salary.

  • It is required to add a justification for the salary change under Comments.  Relevant attachment(s) should also be added.  In either area, click the plus sign (+) to add comments or attachments.

It is required to either attach a new HCM Graduate Assistant Funding, Tuition and Fees Designation Form if the funding account(s) for the GA are changing OR add a comment “no funding change” if there is no change in funding account(s).

  • The full approval workflow can be reviewed by expanding the Approvers section.

  • Click Submit to complete the transaction and begin approval workflow.


You have now completed Extending a GA using Manage Salary.

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