Print to a UWSTUDENT Lab Printer from a Computer Connected Via the UW Wireless Network

Print to a UWSTUDENT Lab Printer from a Computer Connected Via the UW Wireless Network


There are printers for student use located in each of the UWSTUDENT labs on campus. The UWSTUDENT lab computers in these labs are automatically configured to print to these printers. However, with the completion of just a few steps, it is also possible for a student to print to these printers from their own personal computer connected via the UW wireless network.

NOTE: This procedure is documented for computers running Windows 7, but the basic information will work on most operating systems like XP, Vista and 10

Wireless print jobs are charged for at the same rate as those from UWSTUDENT lab computers. For more information about print costs, the UWSTUDENT lab system, or where to pay for additional print quota, go to


  1. Click the Start button, and in the “Search programs and files” box, type \\grail and press Enter on the keyboard.
    NOTE: Make sure that you have typed the correct slashes (i.e. \ and not /)
    1. Note: if you are on a Windows 8 or 10, you can hit the Window key on your keyboard and begin typing from there.
  2. Search programs and files window

  4. If prompted for a username and password, enter your UWYO domain username (in the format UWYO\username) and your UWYO domain password, and click OK.

    Windows Security window, Enter Network Password

  5. In the grail window, find the printer for the lab in which you are located, and double-click the printer icon. If prompted to install the printer drivers for the printer, do so.
  6. When the printer has been successfully installed, you will see the print queue for the printer. You can either close this window or leave it open to monitor your print job after it has been sent.
  7. When printing from an application, select  the File menu, and click Print.
  8. In the Print window, in the Printer box, select the UWSTUDENT lab printer you installed, set any printer options you need under Settings, and click the Print button to print.

    Print window


NOTE: Once your computer is disconnected from the UW wireless network, the connection to the printer will be lost. When you reconnect to the UW wireless network, you will not be required to reinstall the printer drivers for the lab; however, you will need to re-authenticate with your UWYO domain username and password. To do this, repeat steps 1 through 3.

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