Creating a Requisition for Non-Benefited Staff Hire

This guide will cover: 

  • The steps to creating a requisition for non-benefited staff hires.  
  • These steps will be completed by the Hiring Manager or Hiring Manager Assistant.

Prior to completing a new hire, the HCM Funding form must also be completed so that the hire can be promptly and accurately entered into HCM.  The only exception is work study hires, the form is not required. This form is found on the Payroll website.  If candidate selected is a new hire (and thus does not have a person number), indicate “new” in the person number field on the funding form.

Step One 

Navigate to the Recruiting section of WyoCloud from WyoWeb. 

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display. Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

  • First click My Team to expand, then click Recruiting within the Navigator.

  • Navigate to the Recruiting section.


Step Two

Set up the requisition.

  • Select the Create Requisition button.

  • In the Create a Requisition window, select the Non-Benefited (Hourly and Salaried – Including Student Worker, Work Study, & Academic Non-Benefited) button. 
  • Click Next.

  • In the Create a Requisition window, click on the selector icons to search for and select a template based on the job code that will be posted and the associated department.
    • You may also type directly into each field and the system will locate available options that are similar to what is typed.

  • In the Requisition Template Selector window, search for the job code in the Job Code field OR search for the title of the job in the Requisition Template field.
  • Note: There are only five (5) applicable job codes for Non-Benefited positions. Choose the most appropriate one based on the information provided below:
    • 0005 – Pooled Position Monthly
      • This job code should be used for non-benefited jobs that meet criteria to be paid in either a monthly, period or lump sum manner and are considered salaried and exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
    • 0006 – Pooled Position Variable
      • This job code should be used for non-benefited jobs that are paying more than $25.00 per hour.
    • 0007 – Work Study Posn Student
      • This job code should be used for work study positions only.
    • 0008 – Temporary Lecturer
      • This job code should be used for temporary lecturer positions only.
    • 0009 – Pooled Position Limited Temp
      • This will be the most common job code used.  This job code should be used for non-benefited jobs that fall between the typical hourly, non-benefited wages: $7.25-$25.00 per hour.
  • Once the correct job is found on the left, click Select
  • Repeat this step to select a Department
  • Click Next.

  • In the next window, the Organization and Primary Location will be auto populated based upon the department selected. If incorrect (ie: if the job will be located away from the department’s primary location), this information can be updated.
  • Select the correct Job Field by beginning to type it within the Job Field. When the correct one appears, select it. For some positions, the Job Field will auto populate.
    • Job Field options for Non-Benefited jobs include:
      • Academic – defaulted for Temporary Lecturer
      • Part Time Temporary
      • Student
      • Work Study – defaulted for Work Study
  • Click Create.


Step Three

Fill out all requisition fields that are required to post.

  • In the New Requisition window, fill out all required fields. 
    • Required fields can be viewed by using the Diagnostic Tool on the right side of the page.  Click on the wrench icon to open the Diagnostic Tool.

  • Once the Diagnostic Tool is open, the fields that are required under Save, Request Approval, and Post are visible on the right-hand side of the page.
  • To display an asterisk next to the fields that are required to save, request approval, or post, select the desired option on the Show fields required to: drop down.
  • To close the Diagnostic Tool, click on the two right-facing arrows.

  • In the Identification area of Requisition Structure, complete the following:
    • The Requisition Title field pre-populates to the job name and should not be changed. However, a dash can be added for additional clarification (e.g. Pooled Position Limited Tempor – RLDS Office Aide).
    • In the Justification drop down, choose the option that best describes why this job is being posted. Provide a brief explanation for justification in the text box below.
    • Indicate the Number of Openings in the box provided.


Note: Job openings must be filled within six months of the posting date. Requisitions will automatically close after that time.

  • The Structure area pre-populates based upon information previously entered. However, it can be updated using the Edit button, if needed.

  • In the Owners area, the note underneath the section header is a guide for who should be populated for the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Recruiter Assistant, and Hiring Manager Assistant fields.
    • Recruiter: Depends on type of job (see note on requisition).
    • Hiring Manager: Supervisor of the position.
    • Hiring Manager Assistant: Individual designated by hiring manager to assist with the in system administrative tasks associated with the search process.
  • Members of a Search Committee can be added collaborators.
    • Click Modify. Then in the pop-up window, use the search on the left and click Select on the right side to add the appropriate collaborators. When all are added, click Done in the pop-up window.

  • The Candidate Selection Workflow will be Non-benefited. Contact Employment Partner if Non-benefited is not displayed.

  • In the Job Information area, there is an option to request for a Direct Hire into the position.
  • If there is a direct hire request, click Yes.  Enter the reason and name of the direct hire.
  • If there is not a direct hire request, click No.

  • In the Profile area, identify if this hire will require a background check. If selected, the Recruiter will conduct a background check on the top candidate at the appropriate time.  


For non-benefited hires, background reviews will be required for those hired into positions in which any of the following work is involved:

  • Handling financial, student, or personnel data or information.
  • Confidential or sensitive data or information.
  • Handling cash, checks, and/or credit card transactions.
  • Providing services to anyone under age 18.
  • Possessing keys/codes or other means of entry to living or workspaces.
  • Working with hazardous materials.

Note: Employees cannot start work until the background check is completed, if one is required. Please see our Background Check Policy or contact Human Resources with any questions.

  • Position Number is required. This is the number associated with the position which has been allocated to this specific job. It can be completed by typing the position number into the field or using the selector icon and searching for it in the pop up window.
  • Non-Benefited position numbers are as follows:
    • 7 (Hourly Non-Benefited) + 5-Digit Department Code + Workers' Compensation Code (Ex: Food Service Worker in RLDS - 7310104)
    • 77 (Work Study) + 5-Digit Department Code + Workers' Compensation Code (Ex: Work Study in RLDS - 77310101)
    • 6 (Salaried Non-Benefited) + 5-Digit Department Code + Workers' Compensation Code (Ex: Non-Benefited Rodeo Coach in Animal Science - 6221204)
  • Workers' Compensation Codes:
    • 1 - Clerical
    • 2 - Professional
    • 3 - Professional w/Lab
    • 4 - Non-Professional
  • Note: The FTE % field must be listed as a percent. For example, if the position is half an FTE, enter 50 in the field, if the position is a full FTE, enter 100 in the field (no % sign).

  • In the Compensation area, the WyoCloud Grades, Pay Basis, and Overtime Status fields are pre-populated and should not be changed. 
  • The Hourly Rate must be entered to request approval and post the requisition.

If you feel any of the pre-populated fields are incorrect, contact an Employment Partner in Human Resources.

  • In the Job Description area, the External Description sub-section will have some information pre-populated. However, all information in the Description – External and Qualifications – External text boxes must be reviewed and information added when prompted. You must fill out the Job Description in its entirety.  Job Title, Job Purpose and Essential Duties must completed. Please be sure to indicate Essential Duties to reflect the work the candidate will be doing. Minimum and Desired Qualifications should be completed as well. If an area doesn’t apply, simply indicate N/A.

  • To include the same information in both the External and Internal Job Posting Descriptions (recommended), click the Copy From button next to Internal Description.

  • In the Copy Data from External Description window, select the last option of Past information even if the field is not empty.

  • Click Done in the pop-up window to copy the text entered in the External Description fields.

  • In the Questionnaire area, click the Apply Model button to include the pre-defined pre-screening questions.
  • Additional requisition specific questions can be added by clicking the Add button and selecting questions from the pre-approved library.
  • Questions can also be created by clicking the paper icon to the right of the Add button.  Note: Added questions are subject to approval by an Employment Partner.

  • Additional information can be added about the requisition in the Additional Information section.
    • For example: Include the Search Committee Chair name if it is different from the Hiring Manager. Notes for approvers and/or Employment Partner can also be included.
  • The chart string in which the position will be paid can also be added as an information point for approvers.  For work study hires this can be omitted.

  • Once you feel the requisition is fully completed, open the Diagnostic Tool to confirm that all fields indicate it is ready. 
  • Click Save and Close at the top of the page. 
  • After the requisition is saved, a unique requisition ID is assigned.  Notice after the requisition is saved, the status on the right-hand side is still Draft.


Step Four

Save and request approval of the requisition.

  • At any time, the requisition can be saved and completed at a later time. It is also required to be saved prior to requesting approval.  Click Save at the top of the screen.

  • After saving, click on the More Actions drop down, then Request Approval.

  • In the Request Approval window, all approvers for the requisition are noted. All requisitions route though the Hiring Manager and their Supervisor.
  • If additional approvers beyond the standard chain are desired, they can be added through using the Add Approvers button in the lower left corner.
  • Click Done.

  • Once the approval request has been sent, notice the status has been updated to Pending and Status Details updated to To Be Approved.

Step Five

Checking the approval status of a submitted requisition.

  • From the Recruiting Center, click Pending or Open from the Requisitions area.

  • This will bring you to a list of all requisitions you currently have open or pending. Click the desired title to open the details of the requisition.

  • Here you can review all details of the requisition. To view the approval chain, select the Approvals tab.

  • This will display the full list of approvers. In the Decision column, you can see if each individual has approved or if their approval is still pending.

You have now completed the steps to Creating a Requisition for Non-Benefited Staff.

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